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  1. This looks like my only solution. Thanks for the pic and everybody's help. Ron
  2. The thread is OK as I tried another fitting. The line is just resting and the other end is not attached to the rear of the carb so I can better align the fitting. It just seems the fitting is slightly too big. The pipe just touches the opening preventing the fitting to screw in. As suggested maybe a M/FM is the answer? Trying to find a picture on the internet of the pump on the car to see if there is another adapter fitting. We have no other lines so assuming we have the right one. Thanks for the help. Ron
  3. Hello. Helping a friend install a 2 barrel carb. The car was a family donation. Some parts were removed. Started installing the carb but came to a problem. One of the fuel lines doesn't screw into the fuel pump. Its the line that goes to the back of the carb. The fitting to the back of the carb fits fine. Are we missing a coupling? I have enclosed a picture. Its the line with the blue tape. Also what is the torque spec for the bolts holding the carb. Thanks Ron
  4. Any pictures? are you just selling the eye? Thanks
  5. I managed to get the glass bowl off, no problem. Full of rusty powder, My repair manual doesn't show what I think is a screen at the bottom of the pump that is in the glass bowl which is also covered in rusty powder. Does that screen come out by pulling it down so I can clean it? or leave it in the pump and spray it down with brake cleaner to clean it. Thanks Ron
  6. Thanks, still can't see how to remove the glass bowl. The cross member, the control arm and exhaust appear to be in the way. It doesn't appear to be a easy access from underneath. Will have a second look from underneath. In what direction to turn the wheel that holds the glass bowl? Ron
  7. Good day, Need some advise. I want to take the glass bowl off the fuel pump to clean it plus the screen. The bowl looks dirty with a dark and whitish coating. Getting to it from underneath looks difficult because of the cross member. Is my only option removing the pump from the engine? Also I had the carb rebuilt, what would the torque be for bolting it down? I also want to put a in-line fuel filter before the fuel pump instead of after the fuel pump. Would this cause issues? Thanks Ron.
  8. In 1966 drove with my brother and cousin Route 66 from Springfield to L.A. in a four door 1955 Buick. Had over heating issues and lost reverse half way. Than L.A. to San Fran in my cousins 1966 Beaumont his father who lived and worked in L.A. bought him after we dropped off the Buick at the bone yard. 2 years ago did the California coast from L.A. to San Fran north and south From Pasadena also did Angeles Crest Scenic Byway to Las Vegas, highly recommended. Scenic Utah by-ways through canyons Zion etc. For bikers on California's scenic coastal highway I wish they would stop using it as a road race track.
  9. Thanks, will probably do as you suggested
  10. Looking for the gas line from the carb to the fuel pump 2 barrel 2GC Thank you
  11. Looking for the gas line that goes from the carb to the fuel pump for my 56 Oldsmobile, 2 barrel 2GC. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  12. From my Maintenance Manual. CANADIAN SERIAL NUMBER LOCATION Each Canadian-built vehicle carries its own serial number plate fastened to the engine side of the cowl. This plate gives the serial number and engine identification. GENERAL MOTORS OF CANADA LIMITED MODEL 36-69 SERIAL 6366900001 ENGINE 9N132001 TRIM BODY SERIAL PAINT The body serial, trim, paint numbers and body options will not be stamped on the plate Each Canadian-built car carries its own body number plate in addition to the car serial plate. Location of and information covering the body identification will be contained in the Product Service Bulletin. Cars equipped with an automatic transmission will have the digit "9" stamped preceding the engine number. Not sure what is meant by "Product Service Bulletin"
  13. Free to a good home, just pay the shipping cost when you receive it, original not a repo,
  14. I have a side view mirror that has the word BUICK engraved in the chrome part. Will need re-chroming, picture link below, can send more pics. open to offers, http://tinypic.com/r/21bnhig/5
  15. I told the seller that he was some important parts, without them the unit would not work. Asked if he would lower the price? his answer was no, won't reduce the price because of some missing parts, Good luck to him...
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