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  1. Reminds me of Telly Savalas in Kojak, he drove a 4 door, more plain jane cop car version in the TV series!
  2. The Covered Wagon! Drove by it so many times as a kid, my Dad's farm was just 3/4 mile west of there, and Mom said we had to live in town! Unfortunately, it does not look that good today, the canvas over the wagon has been ripped apart by the winds, and the owner has not replaced it yet. We were known for many years as the Midway City, 1733 miles to Boston, 1733 to San Francisco. Our town hosted the big celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Lincoln Highway, that may have been in 2014, time seems to slip by me! I like your idea about the 4-4-2 modification, I am going to
  3. Thanks for all of the responses; I really appreciate the input. I did attempt to drive my Riv to the BCA meet in Danvers, Mass, back in 2011. We got as far as Princeton, Illinois, and the transmission gave out, would not shift out of 2nd. Left it with a GM dealer there, was eventually overhauled by an independent tranny shop. Works fine now, except for the constant small leak. It is not a powerful engine, but I live on the plains of Nebraska and it really does not bother me. I have driven it several times to Lincoln (130 miles) on I-80, and got along fine. It is primarily used as a summ
  4. Very nice looking 4 dr hardtop, located in SW Kansas near Dodge City. Saw this posted on FB marketplace and told the owner I would share it with the BCA. He is asking $20,000, which I don't believe is realistic for a 4 dr HT, but he is looking for offers. Surprising that it is pretty plain jane, with no A/C, power windows, seat or tilt, but still a very sharp car! (Right click on the link below and open in a new window) Marketplace - 1969 Buick Electra | Facebook
  5. I agree Ben, I try to drive one of my cars every nice day we get! (Not now while we have snow on the ground.) But I still want to have a plan, I have no children to leave them to, so likely they will be sold and I will leave the money to several charities. I volunteer every weekend at our local Classic Car Collection. The gentleman who donated 136 restored cars to get us started was in his 80s and wondering what to do with his collection. He kept around 30 cars for his kids, but donated the rest. Now we are fighting to keep it open and keep our city and county from selling off the cars at
  6. After almost buying an '85 Riv with the V-6 turbo, decided to invest the funds in restoring my '83 Riv convertible. Rare car, and I enjoy it very much, but the paint is very tired and engine is smoking, about 106,000 miles on it. I am a nut for keeping everything original. Waiting for some quotes, but I am guessing to completely overhaul the engine is going to be far more expensive than a remanufactured engine of the same size. This is never going to be a million dollar car, but am I hurting its future value when my nieces and nephews sell it after I am gone? Is there even a way to te
  7. Minor point, but the black mirrors that are non-stock don't help this beautiful Buick. I see a chrome one in the trunk, it needs to go back on the car, in my humble opinion.
  8. This beautiful Riv sold for $10,250, plus 5% buyers premium.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1583680685127895/.com/marketplace/item/1583680685127895/ Located in Lincoln, Nebraska. 86,000 miles, asking $15,000. She said it was her Mom's car, and had it listed as a 1976. I told her my research said the last LeSabre convertibles came off the line in July 1975, no 1976 models. Wish I had room for it! Nice blue/white interior.
  10. It is a very nice '59. I am pretty sure the wheel covers are from a '75 or '76 Electra, and I am sure it is difficult to find the correct ones, but that is what we like! Good luck! Here is a '75 on e-Bay, I think they are the same wheel covers...
  11. Did you also notice the signal lamp indicators on top of the front fenders? I am guessing that was also a pretty rare option. I did see a white '74 Limited in Hemmings last month, had wire spoke caps and seller was asking $7,000. See everybody in Oklahoma next week! Driving my '68 Electra convertible down from Nebr.
  12. This Electra is not mine; I have no interest in it. It is an on-line auction at https://www.adammarshallauction.com/auction/sughroue-online-auction/ The car is located in Holdrege, Nebraska, about 35 miles from my home. I am told it has been in indoor storage since 2006, has not been started. Obviously needs fender extensions, I am unsure if those are readily available or not. The interior photos are very dark, but I am guessing that black-black-black is a fairly rare combination. I am out of room, but would sure love to see this big Limited go to a Buick Club member's garag
  13. I am on the board for the Classic Car Collection in Kearney, Nebraska. This Cadillac was identified as a car that we could sell to help us raise funds to purchase 'Pete's Patriot', and we have that vehicle now in our permanent collection. If you would like to see this beautiful open Cadillac in person (we are right on I-80 in the center of the country), please call fellow board member Al Young at (308) 440-7303. Thank you!
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