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  1. Hi everyone! I wanted to thank everyone for the responses to my ad. I wanted to let everyone know that the car is sold and will soon be finding it's way to it's new home in the northeast. Thanks to everyone who responded and thanks to the ROA, the BCA and the AACA for the advertisement...I think it is going to a good home and, it's a board member too! Thanks again, Mike
  2. I am putting my 1969 Riviera up for sale to help finance a new piece of property I want to buy. It is a '69 Trumpet Gold with saddle bucket seat interior, and has an unbelievable 32,000 actual miles on it. The motor is out as it was completely full of sludge from sitting, but it is a survivor. It was stored for years, inside, so it is very nice. Interior is mint, exterior needs buffed. I will also include a 3.42 Posi unit out of a 1969 Riviera GS that is perfect and complete (ready to bolt in) and TWO Heavy Duty air cleaners with the chrome lid and larger snorkels. These items alone are worth a fortune. The car still sits on old bias ply tires and is completely original with no rust. This car is RARE as it has disc brakes and cornering lamps, no vinyl top ever, and is loaded inside. Console shift, power windows, etc. Also, has the deluxe interior, not the basic. This is an EASY car to put on the road, needing only a minor rebuild and cleaning of the engine...other than that it drove perfect when I bought it. I pulled the engine the next day and it has been stored in my garage since, but have not had the time to fix it and put it back in. I will sell the car as it sits for $5900.00. Call me with any questions at all. This is the best looking Riviera I have ever found, the color combination and options make it probably the best looking I could imagine. Thanks, Mike 614-893-3857 cell 614-920-4730 home
  3. Just lie and tell them you are hauling a Toyota Corolla. The U-haul trailer will work perfectly fine and is much heavier duty than any piece of junk car trailer that trailer dealers sell to the general public. Trust me, I have done it a million times and I was a U-haul dealer for years.
  4. Options? Posi, buckets, cornering lamps? How bout some pics! <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
  5. That trunk emblem is totally different than the fender emblems, aside from the "R" being different, so is the "A" and a couple of other points. The fender emblem is probably a tad smaller too, right?
  6. I received the PDF file from him with the pictures...they look gorgeous. I think this is the place to go if you want nice reproductions!
  7. Thank goodness...no offense was meant, but was getting worried for a second there!
  8. Just wondered if anyone was re-popping the center caps for the '67-'70's or if I just need to find a mint used one? I have one of my mint originals that is missing the center (my car only has 32,000 miles on it, so the rest are real nice).
  9. With a name like "Gee Rydes", please tell us you aren't turning this into some kind of ghetto cruiser with big, stupid wheels or worse?
  10. Anybody have a 1969 parts list that can cross-reference this 1968 description?... Air Cleaner and Silencer - GRP 3.402 # 6484313
  11. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Buick did not have a "High Volume" or High Capacity" air cleaner for the 69 Riv. The standard air cleaner with black lid was used on the GS. You may be referring to the "High Volume" air cleaner that was used on the Skylark GS 400. But that air cleaner was for the 400 CID engine. If you are looking for something with high capacity, you will have to get something from after market like Summit Racing. </div></div> Yes, they did. I have it on my Riviera. I probably called it the wrong thing though. It is, indeed, the "Heavy Duty" air cleaner option.
  12. Randy, You are correct, the "Heavy Duty" is what I have. I need to know if this was the same on any other years. I need a new base as mine was damaged. I would like a nice one instead of having to fix mine. It has a larger body, and the snorkel is larger and oval. Do you have a part number by chance for this air cleaner? Thanks, Mike
  13. I am looking for a new base for my '69, it is the "High Volume" or "High Capacity" air cleaner, whatever they called it, with the chrome lid. Did they use this same air cleaner on other cars? If so, are the PCV outlets, etc. in the correct location?
  14. Hi, I am in Ohio and would be interested in some items, can you e-mail or PM me? Thanks, Mike