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  1. Is there anybody that rebuilds the front and rear brake actuator cables for 1930 Pontaic's or has a set of good cables? What years and models would be the same for the 1930 Pontiac 3 window coupe? Thanks, Cliff Mursch
  2. Is there a replacement updraft carburetor for 1930 Pontiac split head six motor?
  3. I am talking about the water pump. It just has the main impeller shaft that goes through the pump housing. The impeller is on one end the fan/pulley mount on the the other end . I know that it is pressed together, but not sure how to pull apart. thanks. Cliff
  4. Thank you, My cast is #855409. I sure would like to find one for sale. The shaft where the seal rides is worn. I am going to try to repack , but would like a new one. I am not sure how to press the pump apart. which end is best or only end?
  5. I am looking for 1930 Pontiac split head six water pump. Thanks Cliff Mursch
  6. I have a 1930 split head 6 engine. How do you take the water pump apart to replace shaft and or brass bearings? Thanks Cliff, charlotte NC
  7. Did you ever find wood kits for the 3 window coupe? I have a 1930 3 window coupe which needs a lot of wood also. My car is in pretty good shape except for the wood.
  8. I would be very interested the the bowl cover if it is like mine. It has 2 mounting screws and an area which is cut to fit around the accelerator pump area. My bowl assembly has the accelerator pump attached as part of the bowl. There is also an area that covers the needle seat. If it is the same, I would be glad to buy it from you. Thank you very much for responding. Cliff
  9. I have a 1930 3 window coupe. It has a Marvel Model AA carb on it. Is this the original carb and if so, I need the bowl top cover for it. The carb is very repairable except for the bowl cover.
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