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  1. price please for electrical latching mechanism for top including switch. Thank you. Tsnyder1@msn.com
  2. Do you have a passenger side front amber turnsignal lense. Thank you for a reply.
  3. sorry to bother you but I did not receive your msg.
  4. if the 89 stock TII computer is still available, I would like to buy it. Tsnyder1@msn.com
  5. do you have the printed circuit instrumentation panel? Thank you.
  6. have you sold the printed circuit instrumentation panel? thank you.
  7. Spotted 89 2.2 yellow/ginger at used car lot in Beulaville (eastern NC) near I-40/I-95. Sitting under cover. Dean's Car Sales - 910-298-8110 or 910-298-4403. Speedo shows 49,962. TC customer plate/original owner says "Douglas Nordlinger". Body has had some repaint and appears straight. Sign says $3,500 cash. Have several photos that can possibly [color:"blue"] email if interested. Tom - 89/2.2/burgandy/burgandy
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