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  1. Interesting. Maybe you should consider selling ‘autographed by the author copies’! I checked the guy’s ‘completed listings’. It looks like 20% or so of the 700 listings sold. A lot of work, but some $...
  2. I think it is interesting that the bottom photo used a hand-painted backdrop of the type used by a portrait studio. The floor is wooden planks and there appears to be oil stains. Maybe taken in a service station or a studio set up for this purpose?
  3. Here are two 1955 Ford clocks. Both are spring-driven. The one on the left is electrically wound, the one on the right requires manually winding. One is from a 'plain jane' four door sedan. Does anyone know more details about models? I assume the electric one was from a more expensive model?
  4. This clock is aprox. 2 1/4 inches in diameter. (The dash hold would be aprox. 2 1/2 inches.) Stamped "WESTCLOX LASALLE, ILL, USA" PAT 2279015. An ink stamp looks to read 1949. It is an electric wind. The style and color are similar to a 57 Desoto instrument cluster that nearby. Anyone know for sure?
  5. I was with my dad at a one-man-repair-shop with a little old lady’s car over the pit. There was a small ‘audience’ as the mechanic went into the pit, trouble light in hand, to investigate the ‘funny noise’ her car was making. After a few sighs and comments, the lady was becoming noticeably more nervous. The mechanic then tossed up random parts onto the shop floor: first an old rusty muffler, then a used oil filter plunked down, rolling across the floor dribbling oil as it rolled toward her feet… I don’t remember the diagnosis or the repair, but we were all busting a gut at her expense.
  6. NHcarnut

    Sun Visor

    Nice Fabric Covered sun visor. Measures 15" x 5", triangular, 3 hole mounting plate. I'm guessing 1940s - 1950's. (We had a 1948? Dodge sedan, maybe it's from that car?)
  7. I'm guessing this NOS bracket with the tag still attached is for a Ford. The number stamped is F1372. 1941 Ford truck maybe? (We had one of them...)
  8. Thanks, for some reason even though I resized it, it was still huge. Let's try this one at 4x6 100dpi.
  9. I still can't see the photo, can anyone else? What am I doing wrong?
  10. Speedometer with odometer and trip odometer. Labeled Stewart, Stewart-Warner Speedometer Corp, Chicago, USA. The rear has Stewart stamped in script and the number P34C79. It is also inked (paint?) NOV 1927 and 281-C. The dial measures 3 1/8 inches. There are two mounting tabs on the rear measuring 3 13/16 between them. I recall that there may have been a Stewart truck sometime in the past. Can anyone tell me if this fits one and what years? Thanks in advance.
  11. Another trip to the barn, didn't have time to remove stuff piled on top. Any guesses based upon this part of valve cover that is visible?
  12. I used this as a chair in my room as a kid in the 60's, and it was old then. I think I recall it was from a truck, maybe a Stewart, circa 1927? (I could be wrong, my memory is fuzzy, but I found a '27 Stewart speedometer...) The base measures aprox. 18" wide, the bolt spacing for the rear mount is 13", distance from the front mount bracket to the rear bolts is also 13".
  13. Thanks ProGoofOff! That was fast! Does the attached photo of my former, long ago, 'field car' count as a '55 parts car'?! ;-)
  14. New OEM Tag says from Ford Motor Company Edgewater, New Jersey The number stamped on it is )1Y 5310A. It measures 25" from end-to-end. Is it Model A or newer?
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