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  1. Where are we to park at the 201 Hotel at the convention?
  2. type35o

    New Mercer Book

    To order a book it is best to call the Roebling Museum at 609-499-7200 or RoeblingMuseum.org. The brand new book isn't in their store web catalog yet but will be soon so calling is best. Closed Mon and Tues.
  3. type35o

    New Mercer Book

    A new Mercer book has been published by the Roebling Museum. Stop by the museum 11/15/15 from 3-5. We will be bringing at least 3 Mercers there for the signing and launch of this valuable new Mercer history. http://mercerme.com/local-author-publishes-new-book-on-history-of-mercer-automobile-upcoming-book-signings/
  4. I have an early 13 Maxwell-Briscoe with a bad flywheel. I am looking for the flywheel with the fan blades in it from the front of the engine. Do you have one you would part with? Any help is appreciated. Karl Darby Stockton, NJ Mercer20@aol.com
  5. Ivan, This is a little off topic, but I have often wondered about the difference between the Touring and the Sporting body. I got a chance to measure a sporting at the reunion in 09 and the body behind the cowl is about 3 inches longer on the touring. The doors are a little longer and the rear body is a little longer on the touring to make the room for the jump seats. In the photos notice the spares are tilted on the touring to allow body rear seat room. Maybe this makes up for the weight difference.
  6. You are doing a great job on the Limo, a very thorough show quality restoration. I can't wait to see it in person.
  7. For the record this car was not in the Roebling Family. I would love to see some photos posted of the restoration, particularly the heater in question. I agree with ak, I always thought the fenders didn't go with the car as Mercer would still have used the fenders from the Series 5.
  8. Alan, The earliest I have is 1953 on a typewritten sheet from Herb. Do you have anything earlier? Thank you Brendan. Morris Burrows owned my car and apparently others too. Thanks for the info. So what cars did the 7 founding members of the SCCA own?
  9. Ron, and anyone else, A book was printed for the 2009 Mercer Centennial Reunion by the Roebling Museum in Roebling, NJ. This book has the most accurate information to date on the Mercer Automobile and was written without regard to the numerous fables and hearsay so many other publications have concerning the Mercer. Look for it at RoeblingMuseum.org or call the museum at 609-499-7200. Karl
  10. Brendan, I am interested in anything for H.M.Burrows and also copies of any Mercer Rosters from the earliest dates. Karl
  11. Call Karla Maxwell. Home Page She did my Mitchell badge and I highly recommend her work. Karl
  12. Brandon, Congratulations! A fantastic car. Don't forget to bring it to the Roebling Museum Annual Car Show July 28th. A great place for Mercers to meet. I'm bringing mine too. FYI - Cars built before 1930 get in for free. Includes museum admission. (Donations accepted) Karl
  13. Somebody Make me an Offer ! Can deliver to Hershey.
  14. 1931 AUBURN 8-98 catalog, VGC 6"x9"; Passenger Car Specifications Auburn 8-98 details specs of this car; Comparison of Auburn 8-98 compares this car to various other makes; 21 - 8"x10" B&W photos and envelope (torn). This must have been a sales package at the time. First $300 takes it. Karl 908-507-3829
  15. John, I agree that this was up to the manufacturer however the majority of pictures of the no front door cars seem to have body color fenders. Sometime between 1910 - 11 most manufacturers had adopted the front door and black fenders. Why? Does this make the car appear longer? I know there is no right answer, I just thought this was an interesting topic. Karl
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