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  1. Hey JW tell me what you are looking for and i can send you some pics because i have so much stuff some of it is not unpacked yet John
  2. Hi phil got your pics and message wish i could be of more help if you need anything else let me know as i am still unpacking i have zulus of stuff PS. You wouldnt happen to know if anyone out there might need a nice 46 linclon continental cabriolet convertable. John
  3. HI I am not sure if you got my email concerning the columbia 2 speed i will take 2500 for the complete unit John
  4. Hey Its in a 40 Zepyhr 3 window coupe its been pulled out and more than likely been checked out i see the whole assembly has been repainted and reinstalled you can give me a call at the shop this morning 1870 994 7749 or after 8pm at home i have to look at a restoration job at 2pm so try to get me before then and i can tell you more John ps HM 1870 895 3531
  5. hi i have a columbia 2 speed my email is cyclops@pokynet.com
  6. Hey Phil i think i found a pair hood side moldings check the pics
  7. HI I have sold all of my convertible stuff. I Have a restored glove box but i cant remember for what year John
  8. HI I do not have a 41 antenna most of my Zephyr stuff is 1940 if you think of anything else let me know i might be able to find you a antenna. I have to look around John
  9. HI TO John walker no i dont have door panels sorry John Send me your email address
  10. HI its me again. I have not heard from you on the motor issue I see you are also looking for a hubcap for a 41 39-41 and 46 have embossed lettering should be red correct me if i am wrong. I have a brand new one John
  11. HI I see your post.I have 2 1940 3window coupes and 1 1940 seden. I also have engines and transmissions
  12. HI I have a 1959 lincoln contental the correct engine for the correct car.I have motor and trans copuled on a dolly in my shop PS. Do you need anything else. I have the complete car 4door
  13. Hi See you having trouble locating a v12. I have 8 of them.If you would give me a call we can discuss your plight.1870 994 7749 shp hm 1870 895 3531 after 8pm John
  14. HI I don't know if you got my last email.I would like to talk to you in person. I have to many questions and my typing is slow. So if you would give me a call or email me your number i will be glad to talk to you. John
  15. I have just about everything from 1940 to 1948 way to much to list you can email me or call shop NUM 1870 994 7749 HM NUM 1870 895 3531 AFTER 8PM
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