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  1. Hello Rolf, can't open attachments ,I would love to see them. I sure like this Zephyr,I expect to keep for years. Thanks HCA
  2. Thanks, It is hard to get accurate info on these old cars...HCA
  3. Hello, I would like to see where you find these numbers as the sources I find indicate that in 1938 2600 3 window coupes were built and in 39,2500 and in 40,1256 and in 41,972.The first year of the 4 pass. 5 window coupe was 1940 where 316 were produced and in 1941 only 178 as this car was not so popular.The body code I am talking about is : OH6 77.XXXX. I would appreciate any info you can provide.I have been searching for sometime and have found only a few of these cars in USA and in South America. thanks HCA
  4. Hello, I am looking for parts for outside door handles and v12 engine and tranny and front grills and other parts.Also any info on this model as I understand that there were only 316/178 built for 1940/1941.I am an American living in Colombia,South America.Info is very hard to find down here...Thanks HCA