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  1. Is this referring to the motor that secures the two pins at the rear of the convertible top? If so, where can I find specific instructions to do the same to my TC? What is the socket and ratchet for? Is it easier to replace the motor with a new one? Thanks for the help. Mark
  2. I'm just curious, but is any particular windshield weatherstripping required? If not, what about the weatherstripping surrounding the other windows? Thanks. Mark
  3. My door lever arrived today and fits perfectly. Restores a finished, classy look to the interior. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the advice. Sounds like a doable project.
  5. Hi Hemi, Thanks for the help. I waited to respond until mechanic checked and reported that fuses are ok and switching wiring connectors did not get pull down motor to work. He says he is not comfortable doing any other electrical investigation. He commented that the service manual I provided did not give much info about the relay switches. After asking around, I have another lead for a mechanic who might be able to help. Could you please tell me where do get more specific information about the relays, motor and any other helpful info. Thanks very much,
  6. I put the top up last Friday so I could wash the car. The back posts were locked in place when I pressed the motor switch. I secured the front j-hooks. This morning, nothing happens when I push the top switch to release the back posts. There is no sound from the area around the switch. I would appreciate hearing ideas of what the mechanic should be sure to check. Thanks, Mark
  7. Thanks Hemi and Reaper1 for the responses. Yes, the car hesitates when I step on the accelerator pedal. However, I have not noticed any black smoke. Once driving, no problems are encountered. Will take to my local mechanic and see what he finds. Many thanks. Mark
  8. My car is a 1990 V6 with about 19,000 miles. Sometimes, after starting, there is initial "choking" with very poor engine response when I start to drive. If I stop and rev the engine a bit, the problem goes away. If I attempt to drive right off, the engine may die, but quickly restarts, usually with no further difficulty. Never any problems once car running normally. Does this sound like a problem with the fuel line or pump? If so, is that a difficult fix? Thanks for the help. Mark
  9. Hi All, Well it's finally time to replace the trunk struts. What kind and brand is most successful? Thanks, Mark
  10. Just recently, I have noticed that it is more difficult to keep the heavy trunk open. What needs to be fixed and where do I get the needed parts? Thanks for the help. Mark
  11. Will I need to get a particular fuel pump or should local service stations have a usable pump?
  12. Thank you for your suggestions. It is a V6. I leave the car in Colorado over the winter, adding fuel stabilizer to a full tank of gas and then running the engine for some time. No blinking lights were encountered using the on/off technique. I'll add injector cleaner later today. Will check back later. Mark
  13. I own a 1990 TC with about 17,500 miles. Until today, I have had no major problems or concerns. This morning I drove to town and made 2-3 stops without incident. The last stop was for about 25 minutes. As I turned the key, the engine was "sputtering" and seemed about to die. I pulled to the side and revved the engine while in neutral. Upon arriving home, I turned off the engine and had the same experience when trying to restart. Any suggestions on what might be the problem? I reside in a small town with limited service available, so guidance would be helpful. Thanks very much. Mark
  14. Has the location and date for the 2014 National Meet been determined? I'm very much hoping to attend and meet other members. Thanks. Mark
  15. Well, I managed to get the headlamp off without any damage. I ten removed the FIAMM air horn. However, there is no automotive supply store in Gunnison, Co. that has a replacement. Does anyone know where I can order a replacement FIAMM or similar horn that will fit? I don't have the technical skills to replace compressor as mentioned above. However, if that is best solution, I will find someone to assist. Thanks for the help. Mark
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