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  1. thanks still. I am doing a poker run this weekend and I will try 32 pounds. I hope the tires still give a soft ride as that is what I like. capt den
  2. all Chrysler product rims after about 1940 are known as safety rims [ a name Chrysler selected ]. they are a heavier thickness metal than some of the later gm rims and have the lip around the rim. they will work just fine with radial tires. my 54 Windsor has 235/75R/15 tires and they have been fine since 2008. I have driven the car on trips of 700 miles. my question is what is the correct tire pressure.seems like everybody has their own preference. truck tire valves can seal some of the larger valve stem openings to make any rim take a tubeless tire. shops that do tractor trailers will have th
  3. I had all 4 tires balanced today. while putting them back on I started to think about the tire pressure. the car is a 1954 Chrysler Windsor convertible, about 3900 pounds. tires are 235/75/r/15. I run them at 26 pounds but I think that may be too low.i have read that 4 pounds below max rated pressure is correct. not sure what the max rated is as I write this, but probably around 40 pounds. that seems too high. is it just personal preference as long as a safe number? capt den
  4. my name comes from my fishing days in Moriches bay, long island ,ny.i took a lot of people out on the boat and caught them many fish and we dug many clams and raked up many mussels.also, I was a spearfisherman and that amazed many people. it was always a great day on the boat with capt. den. I eventually got a captains license too. we also did a lot of swimming and snorkeling and going to great gun beach if you are familiar with it. capt den
  5. would like to buy fender skirts for a 1954 Windsor deluxe. also need motor for the convertible top. thanks, dennis captden29@peoplepc.com
  6. also, that must be a rare car to find in Norway, so good luck with it. capt den
  7. many old cars never even had a filter. just keep the oil changed frequently until you can get clear instructions as to how to plumb the one you have. perhaps rusty or another forum member has a better picture or detailed instructions.my 54 Chrysler the filter canister mounts directly into the block so I have no oil lines to show you. capt den
  8. maybe the company that forgot the filter should take care of this. however, they should have taken some pictures for the re-assembly that can help you out.they should return your original parts that they forgot and give you some money back. sounds to me that they threw away your original oil filter and now they take no responsibility. if that is the case we need to know who to avoid.my flathead is a 1954, no help. this is easy info to get as someone who has your year engine can answer this. capt den
  9. if the car was 8 volt when you bought it then the regulator was tweaked to charge the 8 volt battery. replace the battery with a 6 volt, replace the regulator with a 6 volt one, and after checking the items rusty mentioned all should be well. of course, the starter and solenoid should have been properly rebuilt. I owned a 51 Chrysler that came 8 volt. I retuned it to 6 volt and it always started properly. the 8 volt is just to make the starter turn faster and usually mask other hard starting issues. capt den
  10. a lot of milk crates too. worked in a supermarket?
  11. I have a 54 Windsor. I would like wire wheels, but if you have them they may be 5 1/2 x 5, mine are 4 1/2 x 5. I could still use the center caps if they are better than mine. a bullseye headlite if the car is 6 volt. any extra 6v bulbs. capt den
  12. in november of 1956 the nine millionth buick was made. maybe it is yours? capt den
  13. your radio guy reminds me of my grandfather.he made things if he did not have it, and he could fix anything.if someone tells you that a part cannot be gotten, it just means they don't have it or sell it. I have found that out many times in this hobby, and even with newer cars. capt den
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