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  1. I have two versions, but they go with the Crow=Elkhart when it sells.
  2. I neglected to mention a 2" high stack of ads that would go with the car and àn an advertising finger ring with the Crow-Elkhart logo.
  3. I have a 1916 Crow-Elkhart project car. I have a Virginia title for it. It has a touring body and a tulip body. The Lycoming engine was overhauled before I got it. One of the two transmissions is assembled (one is a spare). I have an original owners ànd an original acquaintance manual for it. There are many extra parts for it. It took four of us an hour to load everything.
  4. Battery warehouse has them. I bought a new one for my 47 Clipper 1 1/2 years ago from them. Jim Showers
  5. There is a picture of the car at stanleyregister.net. The Stanleys that have been recorded on the register are listed by year. That car is under 1917. It is still in the US. The owner of the website does not publish current owners of the cars due to privacy reasons, however previous owners if known are listed.
  6. Sue davis had a 1909 Model R Stanley project car advertised in the Stanley Museum newsletter. The car needs assembled, and the engine is a later engine that needs the control linkages converted to the opposite side of the engine. The body has been epoxied and is in primer. She is asking $127,500 obo. Her cell # 207-491-2509 or email her at SusanDAvis@mngrr.org Jim Showers 1921 Stanley 735B
  7. I can remember as a small child in NE Ohio in the late forties, a local small dairy delivering with a horse and wagon. Later the milk was delivered in a Divco truck. I still shake the milk jug to this day to mix up the cream. The breadman also came around daily.
  8. I had my 1921 Stanley Touring at a show and was asked if I converted the car to steam. I have also been asked what it was and I have to honestly reply: A car!
  9. 1940 Buick, I should have added in my last post, that there is a lot of preparation to a steam car, and I will admit that more than one time, that car has had me wondering why I ever bought it. They are a lot of fun and certainly draw a lot attention wherever they are. The majority of the Stanleys are 20hp with 700 ftlbs of torque, hence the hill climbing ability.
  10. Water is a real issue with the tanks holding from 20-40 gallons depending on the model of the car. Original Stanley literature says my condensing car will travel from 175-200 miles on a tank of water. Of course that is with a new engine, all packing is 100% and I am sure on level terrain and minimal passenger load.
  11. I haven't been on a tour yet, still working out the bugs and learning to operate my Stanley. There would be no problem as to going to lunch. The pilot burner system would keep things warm while you were at lunch. After about an hour, my car will lose 150-200# pressure. It would take about 5-6 minutes to get back to 550# operating pressure. You could start out with 300#, but the car would be a little sluggish until pressure was built up. Water would be the main thing on a tour with the non-condensing cars getting about 1mpg and the condensing cars about 8mpg on water. My car has been ope
  12. I have 2 NOS Thompson Products #S1602 exhaust valves tagged for Kaiser Frazer. They are 5 7/32" long with a 1 21/64" head and the shaft is 3/8". They are drilled for a cotter key or some other similar type of retainer. I will accept reasonable offers before placing them on ebay.
  13. I have a limited number of NOS Certiflex gasoline lines. They are labelled for 1932-1946 Ford V-8 cars and trucks and also the Lincoln Zephyr. They are 8 5/8" long with a male fitting similar to to a flare fitting and a female fitting on the other end. I also have 3 that are longer. I can only reccomend these fittings for show. Since they are old, I do not know what the ethanol blend gasolines will do to them. I am offering these prior to putting them on ebay, and will accept reasonable offers.
  14. I think my 1921 Stanley 735B is also a Barney Pollard car, as it was stored on its end and came from Michigan. I will have to look on the frame rails for the stamp.
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