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  1. Looking for a fuel tank for a 1929 Pontiac 4 Door Sedan (although I think most would be the same tank, rear mounted). Lots of junk in mine, rusted, pin holes, sending unit is, well.... partly eaten away. Interested to hear from anyone with a decent tank to work with. Thanks! Jared - 484-985-9865
  2. Boy do I wish I could have started with this before I got my '22 sedan project going. Great looking car!
  3. I'm going over my chassis and have a few needs at the moment: - fuel automatic. The fuel system has some changes and there is not present - Steering arm on steering box. It is a splined attachment on the steering box and a ball for the link to the drivers spindle. I have all other axle and steering links, just need the arm on the steering box shaft. - Condensor brackets to mount to the frame. I'm told they are an L bracket on either side, but I don't have one to go by. Any help is appreciated! Jared
  4. Not a large item, but heavy. Stanley boiler, 30" diameter, 18" long, ~575 lbs. PM if interested or have availability. Jared
  5. If any one needs a round trip I need a boiler hauled from Minneapolis area back to West of Philadelphia. PM in interested. Jared
  6. I need to move a Stanley Boiler (30" diameter, 18" long, ~575lbs). Anyone making a trip near by these areas?? PM for phone number. Jared Schoenly