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  1. I have two versions, but they go with the Crow=Elkhart when it sells.
  2. I neglected to mention a 2" high stack of ads that would go with the car and àn an advertising finger ring with the Crow-Elkhart logo.
  3. I have a 1916 Crow-Elkhart project car. I have a Virginia title for it. It has a touring body and a tulip body. The Lycoming engine was overhauled before I got it. One of the two transmissions is assembled (one is a spare). I have an original owners ànd an original acquaintance manual for it. There are many extra parts for it. It took four of us an hour to load everything.
  4. Jared, I have a 1921 735B and am about 40 miles west of Winchester, VA on US rt 50. If you wanted to look at my condenser mounts, you are welcome to come.
  5. I have 5 Firestone rims similar to what you want. They do not have the boss or pin as shown in one of your pictures. Four of them have 34X4 1/2 firestone non-skids mounted and the rims are mounted on wheels. The wheels are solid with good spokes, however, they do not have hubs. If interested, I can send pictures by pm.
  6. I am attaching a picture of the interior. Jim
  7. I have for sale a 1947 6 cylinder Clipper. It has excellent paint, and chrome. The interior has been redone with the exception of the headliner, the new material goes with the car. It has a new battery, regulator and the generator was rebuilt. The starter has a new armature. The gas tank was restored by Renuzit, and the fuel pump was rebuilt last year along with a new 6v electric fuel pump. The radio was restored by a previous owner and works well. There are many extra parts that go with the car. It has been a good touring car. I am asking $17,000 for it.
  8. I had a Ross steam car engine, but alas I sold it about 8 years ago.
  9. Don, At first I was going to say boiler pressure, but upon thought, the lubricator pump would be operating when the car was in motion and steam supply pressure to the engine would be less than boiler pressure. Now, my best answer would have to be "I dunno". Sorry Jim Showers 1921 735B
  10. Here are some pictures of some of the stuff. There is much more not shown in this building and in another. The price is negotiable.
  11. Almost all YOM plates in WVA. I have a 1921 plate for my 21 Stanley, and the DMV will not allow me to use it as the number falls in their handicap numbers, and they do not want to remove that number from the handicaps.
  12. As an addition to the above information, I neglected to mention that the bodies are a 5 passenger touring and the other is a cloverleaf or tulip type of body. the tulip body would be much different from anything usually seen on the road.
  13. I have for sale a 1916 Crow-Elkhart project. The 30hp Lycoming engine has been redone according to the previous owner,and turns over. There are two bodies, 9 or 10 wheels, two transmissions and rear axles, the frame is in primer. Many, many miscellaneous parts. It has a good Virginia title. Included is an original owner's manual and an original acquaintance manual and also many advertisements from the era. At my age, I have decided that I will not live long enough to restore the car, too many projects ahead of this one. For pictures of all the stuff, please contact me by PM.
  14. I use synthetics in both my 1941 120 and 1947 Clipper. The only issue I have is that if I shift gears too fast, the gears will grind. It is not a fault with the synthetics, but a factor of worn synchronizers in a 71 and a 65 year old transmission. I wouldn't change back to non-synthetic and am just a little slower in shifting to compensate.
  15. Thanks, I appreciate the information. I bought the transmission with the idea of installing it in my 6 cylinder Clipper, but as I like the 120 much better, I would rather put the transmission in it. Steamcar
  16. I have a 1941 120 and an R-9 Transmission. Will the transmission hold up to the 282 engine if I install it in the 120? Thanks, Steamcar 1921 Stanley 1916 Crow-Elkhart 1915 Madison 1947 Clipper 1953 Cavalier 1941 120
  17. I sure can and will do so. That week would be OK except for the 19th and 20th when I'll be going to and from Charlotte to judge the National Meet. Thanks, Jim
  18. I am selling a set of 4 wheels and 5 Firestone rims. Four of the rims and wheels have 34X41/2 Firestone non-skid tires mounted. The rims are detachable demountable similar to those used on big Buicks and are in very good shape. The wheels have no hubs, but the spokes are solid and there is a pair of front wheels and a pair of rear wheels, judging by the difference in the opening for the hubs. This is a great chance to pick up a matching set of solid wheels without having to do a lot of searching. For pictures, contact me off list. I am located in eastern West Virginia. If need be, I can bring to Hershey. Jim Showers
  19. If it helps, My 1941 120 serial number is 1492-3070 and the body number is 547184 That should help give an idea of the serial number. Jim Showers 1915 Madison 1916 Crow-Elkhart 1921 Stanley 1941 Packard 120 1947 Packard Clipper 1953 Packard Cavalier
  20. Thanks for the input guys, I am looking at the Patrician at a very good price, it would be an acceptable HPOF car and for using on tours. Jim
  21. Guys, I'm looking at a 1955 Patrician. It runs, but oil pressure drops dramatically when hot. I seem to recall there was an oil pump from another manufacturer that can replace the Packard pump to eliminate the problem. Any Ideas and how much modification needs done for this change? Thanks, Jim Showers 1915 Madison 1916 Crow-Elkhart 1941 Packard 120 1947 Packard Clipper 1953 Packard Cavalier
  22. The radiator shell ghost does resemble the Crow-Elkhart. They also had the transaxle with 3/4 elliptical springs. I have a 1916 Crow-Elkhart and the radiator shape is entirely different. Jim Showers 1915 Madison 1916 Crow-Elkhart 1921 Stanley 1941 Packard 120 1947 Packard Clipper 1953 Packard Cavalier
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