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  1. Hi call 651-633-3757, Jerry. He has rebuilt transmissions that I listed in forum awhile back. One is a 61. Hope attachments work. Bill
  2. Hi again also 1954 Buick and 401 325 horse Nailhead (I only wrote it as it is printed) http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/cto/904888114.html Bill
  3. Hi Craigs list 1954 Buick Special 2 door $3450 http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/pts/930103681.html Bill
  4. Hi John I would like to purchase this mat. Bill
  5. Hi This is not my car. Just happened to see it on ebay.
  6. Hi Look 5 lines above your post. 54 grill etc. Click on link--look on right side in column. You Will find 56 engine. It is in a ford truck. Good luck He is in New Jersey
  7. My condolences. I have had the pleasure to speak to Mr. Crisp over the years and he was always helpful and considerate. He will surely be remembered.
  8. Weber

    "54 Muscle"

    Hi congratulations on such a fine car. I really like the three speed trany. I have one question for you. You say you are going to do some body work on it. Are you going to take out the fourth porthole? I think when he painted it he added the fouth one. Century did not have four holes until 1955. If you are doing mild custom I think its fun to have four. It will give someone something to talk about. To your health.
  9. Hi Have info on a rebuilt 61 to 63 . $450. They needed a transmission for a 54. Purchased from an older trany mechanic who rebuilt five tranys various years. They had to buy them all. The 54 they put in works really nice. Have some pictures will try attatchment. If need I can take better pictures of the 61 to 63. Located in St Paul MN
  10. Jan (el Diablo) thank you for the reprint of the fisher windshield assembly. This is very helpful. Should be able to attack this now. I also want to thankAlbert, John, Dave, and Lamar for their input. Lamar I see your handy work on ebay once in a while. Are you still looking for horn buttons? I see them at swaps up here for about $3 to $10. Some of these guys still just like to swap. Thanks again to all who responded. To your health--Drink hail. Bill
  11. The bottom trim seems to have four nuts attatching to the trimwhich j hooks under the windshield. There is quite a bit of resistance to this chrome piece. It looks as if the top part of the dash is to be removed. wiper bases have been removed.
  13. HI Looking for some tips or bulletin on removing windshield for 1954 roadmaster 2door. Looks like the top dash has to come out. The bottom outside trim seems to be bolted on the inside of the car. The service manual doesn't show much. I have a couple of service bulleins but they do not have info. I rember Mr Earl at one time had a bunch of bulletins. If you are out there please drop me a line. Thanks
  14. The '41 dual carbs, manifold, plus extras has been sold. Thank you.
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