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  1. Here is the 1925 American National catalog featuring the Will St Claire. Unfortunately American didn't always update their catalog illustrations. Allow me to speak from experience though. Your car is a 25. The Canadian car is a 24. While the grill and badge in the 25 catalog illustration looks the same as the 24, it would have changed in 25. The badge would go from the brass type on the red car to the type you have on your car. The painted wood grill would also be replaced like your metal grill. The catalog correctly describes the finish on your car as blue. The one thing that really does throw me off about your car is that you have a 1924 set of fenders on your car. Those changed too in 25 however maybe they just were using up old parts inventory.
  2. Here is an image of the Wills St Claire from the 1924 American National catalog. This appears to be a match for the car you located in Canada. No fenders, brass name plate, red finish.
  3. Ok, I figured it out, your car is definitely a 1924 American National Buick. Attached is the catalog pic for your reference.
  4. Allow me to contribute to this topic by sharing my 1925 American National Packard Six pedal car still in original condition. This car has an opening door, tilt steering, it's fully sprung and has a trunk complete with an Alemite tool kit and junior grease gun. In 1925 you could win this car in a word building contest offered by the manufacturer. I've included a catalog page along with a page from the contest flyer as well.
  5. From the Montgomery Wards 1926 catalog.
  6. That same car today. I have the good fortune of being the current owner of that pedal car now. As you can see from my photo, the wheels cleaned up quite well. I've also attached part of a Montgomery Wards catalog page with the car from 1926.
  7. Did you end up selling that Steelcraft sheet? I know it's been two years. If you still have it, I will buy it.
  8. The wheels on the pedal car in the original photo in this post were not introduced until 1928 and prevailed into the 1929 line up as well. So I will throw my $.02 in and say 1928 American National.
  9. This looks like an American National car. The badge on the front should have a name above the mark. Also, the center of the dashboard should have the manufacturers name as well. I do not have my catalogs in front of me, however I believe that your car is 1923 or 1924. I will try to find more information and post a photo. My 1924 American National mailer shows your car without the fenders though.
  10. thought you might enjoy seeing what the car looks like still today.
  11. Do you still own this car? I have a car very similar. Trying to understand your car better. Is there a number still stenciled on the back wood slat supporting the trunk/box? Should be a 4 digit number that I will guess ends in 540. My guess is 3540 or 4540. I am not sure if you know but your car is an American National Buick.
  12. I don't know if anyone will see this post but I'm going to leave it anyway. 17 years ago I came to this site and read the post called !925 Cadillac pedal car. You can read what Pint4 says about his pedal car. You can read my replies to him. I stayed in touch with him for 15 years via email asking if he was ready to sell his car. Each year we would exchange emails wishing each other our best but staying in touch. He shared photos of one of his real car restorations projects with me. Then after I sent my last email to him, I received no reply. I Googled his name fearing that I would find an obituary and I did. I learned alot more about Bob from his obit. Seemed like a great guy and great auto enthusiast. A year later his widow agreed to sell me the car. What started as a simple reply to a post on this site, turned into a 15 year dialogue and ultimately closure for his widow. I'm the steward now of Bob's American National 1926 Cadillac Pedal Car now.
  13. The contest brochure that I mention in my post offered 7 unique cars from American National. I have been on the hunt for great examples of each car for almost 2 decades. One day I found this car on auction zip. It pointed me to a local auction in PA I believe. I was on the phone bidding. I was determined to buy the car and I had the good fortune to get it. There is an even nicer condition one that I hope to acquire this year. If I am successful i will come back and post photos.
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