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  1. Have three good trans. CHEAP!! john.dudek@dana.com
  2. I have one, brand new e-mail me at john.dudek@dana.com or call 810/724/8799
  3. Hi Jean I'll check to see if I can help with your request. I'm sure I can..John from Mi. (grille)
  4. I have your parts you can e-mail me direct at john.dudek@dana.com or hogboy59@msn.com John
  5. You can e-mail me direct at john.dudek@dana.com or hogboy59@msn.com I can help, John
  6. I'm sorry for missing your post you can e-mail me at john.dudek@dana.com or hogboy59@msn.com and I will be happy to help....John
  7. Contact Larry at azorion@cox.net tell him John from michigan sent you. I just traded him a red one for a yellow one.
  8. You can still buy the part your looking for at the dealer, but you have to buy the entire release assembly cable and all.
  9. I have plenty of port hole windows. Just call 810/724/8799
  10. Suspension parts I got just send me your list john.dudek@dana.com
  11. Please e-mail pics and contact number to john.dudek@dana.com or call 810/724/8799 I would love to get a maserati driveline car in good shape
  12. Thanks Bill, you were right, on the daily driver it was a vacum leak. I plan to go to the manual valve as Jeffrey suggested soon. Thanks again
  13. Please put me dowm for one also whatever you decide is fair. John 810/724/8799
  14. THATS RIGHT! Brand new in the original box left side headlight. If anybody has a museum quality car or just knows someone who needs a brand new one,let me know.
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