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  1. Call the guy who does my interior work. Asked him what cleaned leather, he said to use GoJo the white hand cleaner with a small nail brush. I tryed it on my door panels and they came out great. BroJohn
  2. Ray I emailed you the other day I am instreted in both the 89 TC Service Manual and the news letters. If you havent sold them would you contact me at area code 504-455-5153 or email Althealatour@aol.com. Thanks John Latour (BroJohn) [color:"red"]
  3. I have to remove console from my TC to change wood grain console that is broken. Have seen Jeffery Backes's article on remnoving console but I must have gotten only half of what in required to remove it. Need any help I can get. Thanks BroJohn
  4. Never seen a TC before and when I did I told the guy I wanted it. Bought it 10/04 started to clean it then went crazy. Had to have it painted new lether seats, new tires. Still waiting to drive it. BroJon
  5. Tony did you sell the 89 service manul. brojohn
  6. Thanks John I have emailed him about molding.brojohn <img src="http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />
  7. I need the left driver door molding red if you have it. Thanks brojohn
  8. Any one has any new body molding for 89 TC . Would you like to sell it. Thanks BroJohn [color:"red"]
  9. Tony have you sold the manual for 89 TC if not I am instreted in buying it. Thanks BroJohn.
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