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  1. Yes, I did, but I have the 90-91 manual still up for sale. $30 + $5 shipping
  2. If GhostyMosty is correct, the books I have are for the 1989, and for the 1990-91 models. I will sell either for $30 if anyone needs one. Sorry if I have not re-visited the forum for awhile. email me at tony@urwin.net. Thanks everyone.
  3. Sounds like $30 is a fair price, based on the replys. email me at tony@urwin.net. Thanks!
  4. I purchased a number of Mopar service manuals and parts books, among them two Service Manuals for the TC by Maserati. One of the manuals is copyright 1988 and one is 1989. I will likely sell them on eBay. Can anyone tell me their value? I would, of course, entertain any offers from forum participants.
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