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  1. I have two spare front license plate brackets. One is metal and from an '89, the other is plastic and from a '90. I think they are interchangable. If you are interested let me know which one you would like and I can give you a price based on your location. Ray Martin............raymartin@swfla.rr.com
  2. Yes, the 90 TC I have is equiped with a driver side air bag. Sorry for the delay in answerring your question. We moved shortly after huricane Wilma. I had to go to Time Warner as a server and with the hurricane, the closing on our old and new property plus the move things have been somewhat disrupted. Ray
  3. Hi Alan,I don't need another first born. I've got my own and she is a winner. I wish you had the car. With a little help from Rick, and his magic bullet,you would do justice to the car. Best regards. Ray
  4. You're probably right. I paid 19.5k for it and unexpectly put another 8k in . Some of that was replacement like the clutch and the AC but most of it was just things I wanted to do since I had plaanned on keeping the car.I'll see what the market says and will be open to offers. Thanks for your comment. Ray
  5. The car belongs on the road. I really wanted to bring out some of the untaped performance in that little 4 banger. Unfortunately health problems slowed me down and finally cought up with me. It's a great car and I hope someone will buy it that will drive it and really enjoy it.
  6. The top is in good shape. I have taken the pull down pins off as well as the front and side pull downs. I have them and it is no problem to put them back on. The headliner is slightly soiled around the front latch handels. From what I've read in the TC Newsletter,with the right cleaning agent, the headliners cleanup very nicely. Give it some thought. Right now the top is still here. It will have to be first come that take it away.
  7. Are you still parting out the black TC.Do you have the trunk lid. If so how muck are you asking. e-mail me if you wish rmartin5476@comcast.net
  8. I need the leather trim for the left(driver's side)window post. I'm not sure how the piece comes off but I think it has a hard backing shaped to fit the window post and conceal any wire . Let me know if you have a good one and the price.
  9. Thanks for the quick reply. Yes I am definetly interested in the upgrade. Your offer sounds reasonable and I appreciate the effort you will go through. We can get into details on other parts I will need to complete the project later. If the parts you saw are serviceable, and are what I need for the upgrade, I will definitely take them. You can e-mail me directly if you wish at rmartin5476@comcast.net. The address is on my profile also. I just went out to the garage to ckeck my accumulator. It is working properly. I'm sure I checked it before but I just wanted to be sure since you mentioned it. Thanks again.
  10. If I seem unsure about the MOPAR family of cars, you are right. The TC is my first exposure to the Chrysler/Dodge produvct line. I am impressed with it but at this point not very knowledgeable. I've been a Ford fan most of my life. So please bear with me. By the way I think your write-up would be a great piece for the newsletter. It would get to members who may not visit the discussion page. Thanks again Ray
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