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  1. Thanks for the info but i'm not really into messing around with Dodge cars. I had thought if the body panels (fenders, doors, Qpanels) could be replaced with an more Maserati looking skin, I would keep the Car - the thing being, love the engine and drivetrain, don't care for the old lady golfer styling. (Not that theres anything wrong with O.L.G.'s.) Its going to be sold off now, and i'll get some british car. Everybody has their thing! All the best, /T
  2. Okay, most of you will hate this, but I can't be the first to think it: I LOVE the way my dads old 89 'mas TC drives, but don't fancy the look. Has anyone ever replaced the body panels with something more inline with the Maserati GT series? I'm thinking: shorter, cut down trunk - more shape to the wheel wells at the front, little more 'waist' to the midsection...and lose the porthole on the hardtop, just a clean line going back. Yes, its collectable, yah yah, but a little imagination, some performance mods - you'd really have something then! Anyone ever done this? tegan
  3. Will do - getting it detailed this weekend and will take pics then. I also took a closer look at the odo, and I think it said 53,000.
  4. Price reduced to 9500., must sell before 2005- - 1989 TC with the business: Maserati 16valve twin cam turbo engine w/intercooler, 5spd getrag trans. One of the legendary 501's in fine shape. This is an estate sale - my Pop loved his TC and gave it everything. Cabernet/Ginger/Black top, one of only 12 that year in this scheme. It has ~ 53k on it, everything is in very nice condition. There is OEM replacement leather for the seats in the trunk, but they aren't bad now. There is a pre release brochure and many years of newsletters in addition to both a car cover and tonneau cover. Clean, well maintained Mas engine TCs are getting harder to come by, and certainly it will appreciate in the years ahead. I would be happy to mail pictures and details to interested parties. Thanks for your interest and happy motoring!
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