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  1. On 12/9/2020 at 10:27 AM, Restorer32 said:

    Years ago Dad and I went to look at a Model A Vicky that was advertised in the local newspaper. As we got to the seller's house another fellow pulled up and followed us as we walked up the sidewalk. He said "You guys were here first so you get first chance at the car.  We're standing there talking price with the seller.  Seller said he wanted $1300 for the car. Fellow who followed us to the car said, in a voice loud enough for the seller to hear' "If these guys don't buy the car for $1300 I will".  Now Dad would not pay asking price for anything. He looked at the seller and said "I'll give you $1100". The seller accepted the offer, knowing full well the back up buyer would pay $1300.  The back up buyer just shook his head and walked away muttering to himself.

    The OTHER buyer was his cousin Wallace.... It was a setup deal  and your dad was smarter than they were. He recognized the rat in the room.

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  2. This Buick is in my backyard . Maybe  2 months ago I went with a truck and trailer to look. I left it there with no regrets. This is strictly a parts car . The wood is all gone and its  missing  a lot. The extra long wheelbase  would be only good for a commercial car. .The price is right if you have a need for these parts. The seller  is motivated waiting for a offer.

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  3. Konstantios, Thats a fine looking Franklin! Im Curious, How many  Franklins are in your area? Ive shipped  2 Franklins overseas... one to Germany and one to England.  As I remember they were a 1930 147 sedan and a 1931 153 sedan. If you have problems getting the plugs , I can post them to you. Mike 

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  4. 22 hours ago, alsancle said:

    In all seriousness,  unless you find the one guy in the world that has that model Peerless and needs some obscure parts off of it I'm not sure there is any market at all.


    The biggest issue is there are next to no Peerless cars around and this one is not a top of the line model.  If it was a later Master Eight or Custom Eight it would have a much better chance of find a  buyer.

    The wire wheels and hubs are good merchandise  if any good. Those wheels were made my MOTORWHEEL and have many other applications.

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