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  1. My extras are 79 & up but I will keep looking.
  2. I just put that on ebay tonight.I have many old bugles to get rid of. Norb
  3. The alloy wheels are the only thing I can think of that would make that much difference in weight.Some cars have different times in the quarter mile anyway.It would be interesting for somebody to run his car both ways to see if there is much of a difference.I put the chrome wheels on my car because I liked the looks.I believe just changing the chip would make more change in time.
  4. I saw a Regal WE4 for sale on the internet and the person selling it said only 1547 were made.I think very few were made because the 1547 refered to all Regal t,s including the WE4.No numbers were available for sales of the the WE4 .Not only that ,but the WE4 was a bad deal compared to the GN whitch was only 279.00$ more & included chrome wheels,spoiler,GN badges & a much nicer interior.Thats why very few were sold.The final figures were GN-20193 Regal turbo-1547 LTD turbo- 5303 GNX- 547 total- 27590 turbos. I hope these figures are right,I got them from GM about 12 years ago. Buy the way,I bought 1987 Regal turbo no. 1 which was built Sept 16,1986 Norb
  5. When I hired in at Buick,way back in the Fifties,it was at the two Buick factory owned branches in Flint.I spent some time at this one in downtown Flint but mostly at the east side store.Of course this picture was taken long before I was there.You can bareley see some older cars outside the window.These stores lasted until 1973 when the pressure from the independent dealers caused GM to close them. Norb
  6. I just found an invoice for this car and if you have this model I will send it to you. Price of car 1522.00 Dynaflow,soft cushions,3-tone paint,oversize tires,heater,radio,del.steering wheel & more total , 559.00 total for everything, with delivery & handling, 2565.03
  7. This is a Factory photo of the first Sun Coupe.It is a Stage 1 .The car still probably looks as good as new but the model may not. Norb
  8. I checked out the LaCROSSE at Patsy-Lou,s & I think it will be a good replacement for the Regal.However,if you put it in a lot with 50 other cars,unless you can see the grill,it looks just like all the others. I am looking at a three Ft. poster of it right now and it is a good looking car but it does not stand out from the rest like a Buick should.It has beautiful chrome wheels but they may be an extra cost option. I sure hope it sells though. Norb
  9. I cant tell if it is an A-body or it a Wildcat ? Norb
  10. If you have more money than me,bid on this,but hurry.2493265368 appears to be very nice.
  11. Thats a lot of Buicks for a Dealer show & on my birthday too. Thanks
  12. I posted four pictures but only two showed up. Try this one .The name on the pic is Buick Farina.I have many fact. photos. Heres one more Fri PM
  13. I dont see the pictures, I will try again