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  1. It looks very much like the air cleaner in my 1940 Super with a 263 ci engine. Probably from 1953.
  2. "I have a 30 standard. You mean plain ol' gear lube is bad for our diff's and trans's? " Plain gear lube may not be bad but there are better, modern, products that minimise pitting and wear. Jan
  3. Thank you, I got it. A little expensive!? I have to use the face and case from my old spedometer. Jan
  4. There is no reason to use non detergent oil in an engine without oil filter. It is correct that non detergent oil will not suspend all the sot particles but when engine is running a lot of these particles are pasing through the bearings. In non detergent oil these sot particles will be large and may harm your berings. If you run an engine with non detergent oil and has an oil filter, you will see that most of the sot particles end up in the oil filter. With detergent oil, on the other side, the suspeded particles are so small that they pass through the oil filter. These particles are so small
  5. I found about Meropa on the internet. Car oil specialists usually don't know abput this oil as it is a industrial oil. I foud that Prem is selling it in Sweden so I called them. They said that they sold it only in big quantities and recomended me to try a small company (selling oil to race cars and motorcycles) that may have it smaller bottles. Now I can get it in 20 liter cans. It is not expensive, only about $2.5 a liter. Try to call Chevron in the USA. Jan
  6. It is correct that the caburator must have an option for vacuum advance. If the carburator is not made for vacuum advance and you take the vacuum from the intake manifold the spark advace at idle will be too high, resulting in poor low rpm performance. Jan
  7. I use Meropa 220. The specification state: Non-Corrosive to Copper and Copper Alloys It can be used for all types of gears, including hypoid and worm gears. See http://www.fammllc.com/famm/lubricant_product.asp?gearoils&&Meropa220 Jan
  8. The 1933 series 60 should have 17" wheels 6.50x17. There are no suitable radials for 17" rims. You need 7.00x16 tires to get the same diameter. Too smal diameter will increase the engine rpm. Radial tires are often specified as e. g. 215/85 R16 for a 16" rim. This means that the with of the tire is 215 mm = about 8.5". The hight of the tires is 0.85x215= 183 mm = about 7.2". The diameter of the wheel will then be appoximately 16+(2x7.2) = 30.4" compared to 30" for a 6.50x17 bias play tire. Jan
  9. You can not take out money from somebody's bank account only knowing the account and routing number. I have made many payments direct to a bank account when buying cars in the USA. The bank has to check that the person who tries to take out money from an account, has the right to do so (show that he is the owner of the account). If the bank is so stupied to let an unknown person take out mone from your accout, the bank has to refound your money. At least here in Europe, the most common way of transffering money is from one person's account o another person's account. To do this you have to kno
  10. Some days ago my family and I returned from a tour from Stockholm to Italy and back in our 1940 Buick. In Italy we rented a house for two weeks and every day we made sighseeing tours to different towns and villages in Tucany and Umbria. Unfortunately my odometer didn't work byt from the map I calculated that we must have traveld more than 3800 miles. The 1940 Buick 56s is a fantastic car with good suspension, confotable and fast. I have a 3.9 differential, 263 ci engine and we could run on the Autoban in 120 km/h (75 miles/h) for hours, the engine silently spinning like a kitten. The problem i
  11. I am in an urgent need of a spedo/odo meter for my 1940 56s. Probably the inside is the same on 39 to 42 Buicks!? I am not allowed to drive withoyt a spedo in Sweden. Jan
  12. Yesterday I arrived home with my family after a 7000 km ( 4379 mile) trip to Toscana in Italy in our lovely Buick 1940 56s. Unfortunately, Just before we started the trip the odometer stopped to work so I bought a GPS navigator to keep up with the kilometers travelled. On the last day home the spedometer also broke down making a lot of noise and hand rotating att high speed. It is a mess inside and some parts are broken. I am writing this in hope one of the friends in the forum happens to have a working spedo/odo meter in a corner and is villing to sell it or if somebody knows where I might fi
  13. On my Buick 40-56s I just put a seroes resitor to the gauge. I don't remember, but I think it was 64 Ohm. The gauge circuit is a kind of brige system which is not so sensitive to voltage change. It works fine on my car. Jan
  14. I would like to buy a 1940 spedometer/odometer for my 40-56s Buick. I have a nice face for it but inside is broken. if other years gauge will have the same internal parts it will do. Jan
  15. If you can crank the engine you can find out the ratio. Raise one of the rear wheels from the ground. Put a mark on, e g the lowest point of the wheel. Put in highest gear, crank the engine some full turns and notice how many turns the wheel turns. Remember that the wheel turns two times faster if one wheel is fixed. Example: If you turn the engine four full turns and the rear wheel tyrns two full turnd the rear end will be 1:4. Jan
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