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  1. Hupmobile used contracting four wheel hydraulic brakes on the 1927 8 cylinder 7 passenger sedan. They went back to mechanical Steeldraulic expanding brakes on the new designed 1928-29 model. Jan
  2. Nice to hear from another Hupp owner. The 1928-29 models are quite different from the 1927. My car has temp gauge on the dash. Jan
  3. Frank, Here is a photo of the dash. I have heard that a Swedish engineer was working at the Hupp design department in the 20´s. He later moved back to Sweden and took part in the design of the first Volvo car. The Hup is a well designed car with some unusual features for that time. 1928 and 1929 are essentially the same design with full flow oil filter and pressure fed oil to ALL bearings, including the piston pins (through drilled holes in the rods)
  4. The Hupp was sold in Stockholm by the Hupmobile representative Fredlunds Automobile AB so it has lived in Sweden all its life. The owner traded in the Hupp in 1960 for a Hillman car (now long gone) and the same company sold the car to me. The Hupp had then been standing in a heated garage since 1939 with only 44000 km on the odometer. The tyres were taken by the army during the war. The first owner's son wanted the garage space for the new Hillman and forced his father to sell the car. When I pulled away the Hupp the old man cried. The Hupmobile Century 8 was a rather expensive car. In the USA
  5. The first owner (the one I bought the Hupp from) said it came from a car they traded in when they bought the Hupp. It could still be an aftermarket mascot, of cause. Eather the front paw or the rear paw has to be outside the cap, perhaps it isn't a car mascot at all? There is a bolt behind the rear left leg going through the center of the cap. I repaired this bolt and the original was poorly tin soldered to the lion. Anyhow, I think it looks nice and as it has been on the car since it was new, I will keep it on. Jan
  6. See attachment This lion was put on my Hupmobile 1929 Century 8 when it was new. The first owner of the Hupp said it came from an older car they traded in. From which make of car could it be? Jan
  7. Ross steering gearbox. Does anybody know which cars it will fit? Thank you, Jan
  8. Yes, only models 86 and 87 was available so it is probably a model 66.
  9. Thank you Bill. At the time the photo was taken the Buick was not running due to a defektive cylinder head, so it was easy to deside which to drive. Now the Buick is on the road again which makes it hard to deside.
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