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  1. Thank you to all those that praised the region, but I for one don't do this for the praise I enjoy the friendships I have made working with my fellow region workers. I personally have put in hundreds of hours into the car corral trying to makeit the best that I could some mistakes were made and some things were overlooked.After putting so much time and effort some things just seemed obvious to me but eventually I realized that some modification need to be made.With the help of this post and others beleive I\we can do better next year. Again thank you. Steve
  2. Windjammer The land that the show encompasses is rented from HERCO. The Region spends alot of money and time to put this together, we begin before the previous show is done to get things ready for the forth coming year/s. We try are hardest to be as accomodating as we can but not everyone will be happy with the results. Some of you could bet on along shot and win but complain it ran too slow.
  3. If someone could read the space no. I may be able to get the info together for you.Hopefully the gentleman that had the space is the person that paid for the space.
  4. We tried are best to provide ample space between cars that spectators and vehicles could pass in the same area. there was 18.5 ft. between the cars front ends.Some sort of barracade may be an option for next year for the show.
  5. As far as the amount of space that was covered it would be the same whether you walk past a single line or you have multiple parking as in the past. you are still walking a mile if you look at each car...
  6. From what I been reading most would like to continue the format for the next few years.
  7. What are your veiws or opinions of the car corral this past year? Just looking for comments and ideas to help improve for following years
  8. 25 year old cars being eligible for antique tags that means that a 1980 car will be able to get antique plates. is it right that a daily driver 1980 camaro with emmisions removed, mag wheels, load exhaust and jacked up to the sky have the same exemptions that a $50000 restored 1955 chevy have? I beleive not, why should the daily driver that has not been rebuilt and maintained to standards get away with not being inspected or having emmision tests done. Most of the streetrods or restored antique cars are road safe and maintained to show. The DMV should have registered sites to have every vehicle checked inspected and verified before any plate be issued antique, classic, streetrod, collector or any special limited use plate just my thoughts. steve
  9. Hello Jerry I am curious if you have any extra parts for your jetfire that you may be willing to part with like a right exhaust manifold or the alcohol tank. But to answer you question there is a turbo shop in my area that has said that they can refurbish mine.I have two that need to be done but am in need of the manifolds to finish the cars don't want to have them sitting around until they can be put to use.Hate to have to do it again. Email @ sharc@comcast.net and i will forward their number.
  10. have some info that may help. You said you had the car appraised check to see if the appraiser also does claim writing and have him write one for the damage most state farm writers have no idea how to write for that car. your appraiser may be able to write an independent est. for you and you can turn this into state farm for payment. I'm a shop owner in PA sorry im not closer to you that i could do the work hopefully this info can get you what you need and are entitled to to repair the vehicle back to preloss condition. Most shops today do not spray laquear paint most use a baseclear system and no matter how good the painter the match will not be the same the new baseclears have too much gloss that can not be reduced. Any other questions can be e-mailed [sharc@comcast.net)and i will try to answer them or help you any way i can . I will be out of town until march 8th but will reply as soon as i get back from florida, going to the aaca meet down there. Good luck and let me know if i can help.
  11. i will be the first to agree that these shows should show the cost of the repairs but at the same time give an exact amount of labor to do these cars. they show a one hour program that depicts one week of work but how many man hours does it really take. haveing to deal with the general public on a daily basis explaining constantly want needs to be done and how many hours it really takes makes most jobs out of the cost range of the normal person. Than also having too compete with the adds from MAACO 300 all over paint job when in reality it is a promational to get you in the door once an estimate is writen requiring all needed steps the price of that 300 went to 3000 or more for the work. 500 for a gallon of basecoat than add another 225 for clear and catalyst now add primer, body fillers, sand paper, making paper, and tape, thinner to wash spay equipment and other misc. not shown on estimate or the other costs associated with the repairs the total doesnt take long to exceed 4200., I'm sure that your porsche met all your expactations but what is the honest value of your car,, prob. less than what you have in it. Most restorations are an act of love and appriciation for your car. you will usually never get out of the car what you have in it. I'm sorry you feel that you porsche is now a garage queen with all the money invested you should be able to enjoy the car unfortuatly you are probley right jealosy runs deep and most people cant except you have something nicer than them...... I hope you did research on insurance for your car and the policy you have will acctually cover the cost you allready invested so that if that jealous --- messes with the car you will be entitled to the repairs needed to repair it correctly most ins. progressive state form others everyday policies donot know how to deal or write a clain on a vehicle of this age or quality. just a friendly tip. Experience has taught me to inform my customers of this fact. Most cars 10 yrs and older have no value to them. And they dont care if its a hugo or a porsche or a vw none have a value to them. steve
  12. Laurence, I still feel as though she got the better deal but if see was told she was getting a showroom finish she should get what they promissed for no more costs to her.It seems to me the shop thought they had a "simple woman" and could get away with half the job now wants to complain and try to get more money. check the written est. for any garranties and warrenty given. I would like to know if it is in writing about a showroom finish. I would keep pushing the shop owner to get the car done, If it is not to her satifaction some states allow you to have thwe vehicle finished at another facility and the costs be defered back to the original shop. steve
  13. Semper Grumpy to answer your question about he cost of doing your 68 olds would almost be impossible to quote without visually seeing the car a small dent to you could require one hour labor, than again possibly only a few minutes.Alinging all the panels prior to any body work would begin,than removing all the chrome,trim,windows,door handles,bumpers,windsheild, and convertable top would be next. having the car stripped to bare metal how would you want that done blasted or chemical stripped? next all rust would have to be cutout and do you want replacement panels or patch panels? last do yopu want original single stage paint or would you prefer the baseclear? What color is the car maost paint has about a $200 price differance for colors red more than white. all this needs to be accounted for prior to being able to quoate a price than still aftwer things get started there still is the possibility of other issues not known rusted off bolts twisted off bolts. but going on your description of just making a driver with little amounts of work figure about 10,000. steve
  14. i'm sorry you feel that 4500 dollars is a lot of money for a paint job but if you were to break down the cost of materials and the time it takes to prep a car you would see that you probubly got more than what you paid for . I see no mention of any body labor if this was a mercedes of the seventies it probly requierd alot of rust repair being these cars were rust buckets. beyond that the average price for a gallon of primer is $70 add catilizer at $45 . than basecoats go for $70 to $220 a quart for color add $9 for reducer and depending on product line add another $15 for converters then you add the clearcoat $150 gall catlizer $75 aquart. average prep time for paint is approx. 40 hrs at shop labor rate 40 paint time plus materials plus body labor at shop rate this seems to be a good deal.most of the dust nibs should be able to be wetsaned and buffed most reputable shops would do that on any paint job all vehicles painted at my shop wether it be just a fender or a complete restoration the painted serfaces get rubbed out irregarudless. most complete paint services usually start at twice your quote.
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