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  1. Bob,<BR>I am a bit confused. what info are u after? i can help {i think].<BR>regards,<BR> Manuel<BR>
  2. Jim,<BR>what are the nos. i may be able to help.<BR> Manuel
  3. Randy,<BR>according to my book the engine no T6 was used in 1934-5 on the K19, 20, 21, 30, 31, 32, 33, K34 Dodge trucks. 3/4, 1 & 1 1/2 ton. if u find the chassis no [on rail between front wheel & front door] i may be able to read it also.<BR>hope this helps,<BR> Manuel
  4. if u can find the engine no that will be a good start. it will be just below the head [at the front of the block] on the drivers side.<BR>hope this helps<BR>Manuel
  5. hello Rich,<BR>I saw your discussions on your sump/oil pan. [i have just joined the AACA discussion group] i recently dropped the sump on my 1933 Dodge. i had the same results as yourself. [black sludge everywhere] the sumps look very similar in shape & size. there is a split pin, spring & washer holding the gauze in place in my engine.<BR>what i would like is to replace the sealed throw-away oil filter cannister fitted to my engine. does anybody know the Napa or Wix numbers for my filter?<BR>good luck with your sump overhaul.<BR> Manuel