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  1. We had a storm come through Tuesday August 4, got power back Saturday August 15, some people in town are still out. It closed the post office until Monday. Trying to get eBay to remove two late shipping postings to my Seller Rating. Seller Rating, the LARGEST PITA eBay has come up up with to date. Bob

  2. To the left of Ed's photo the land starts to go uphill, we had spots there in 1977, 3/4 from the top. Girlfriend came to Hershey for the first time. She bought some old style signs made from barrel staves and used them as ski polls to walk up the muddy incline. With a big smile as she she reached the spots she said "This is fun!" Married her the following June. 



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  3. I started out young in the hobby, 10 years old in 1961, and remember all the guys that took the time to answer my questions, and became friends along the way. Ed Jacobowitz was one of those guys. We bought and sold a few parts over the years, forget which Hershey was his last, he knew the run was over and thanked everyone for the good times we shared. Bob 

  4. Thanks Walt, I always enjoyed seeing Phil Dumke at the Ridgefield Meet. He was a good sized guy, could almost pass for a biker, and that makes the above story even better. I've got some good paper stuff but can't call myself a "Literature Guy", maybe a topic for another thread, "Literature Finds" do they come from fellow collectors or the clueless at swap meets? My best find ever was from Rick Schnitzler, I could write a short book on that stuff. Bob

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  5. Good luck Robert, have fun with it, 99.9% of the people out there are fine. Good photos and an honest discretion is all you need. No need to get over wordy with the description, if you see a flaw mention it. Mint & cherry are ice cream flavors, I never use them as adjectives. Bob 

  6. Auctions work well for items you just have a gut feeling are worth more than you think. If you start to get offers a few days in, just politely turn them down and let the auction run it's course. That guy will wind up the top bidder or ran the price up to his max and was beaten by some one else. It is rare, but a few a year are fun. $20.00 it the average eBay sale these days, but a don't mind sticking a $5.00 item in an envelope. 

  7. 3 hours ago, rustybottom said:

    you can always ship without using that overseas service

    i have shipped using USPS international priority



    That is what I do after finding out how badly overseas buyers were treated by eBay. Getting the overseas buyers to know you plan to treat them to the best deal possible on postage is the trick. Guys in Australia and New Zealand must have a special love for their cars to put up with the shipping costs. Bob 

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  8. We will never know how many Overseas buyers were turned off by the Grossly over charged eBay International Shipping boondoggle. Most likely made America in general look less trust worthy. I personally enjoy selling and shipping overseas, most buyers know what the actual postage will be before bidding. I'll never get to visit the places I send things to, but enjoy knowing that some widget got a car on the road again. Sold a car to Italy once, FAR easier than selling an old Ford van to a guy in the next town over. Bob 

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  9. Robert, Nobody mentioned packing your items once they are sold, be sure everything is packed well. The world if full or bubble wrap and newspaper that can be reused. I like to use a few pieces of tape over address labels just to be sure they stay in place. Local bicycle and auto body shops are good sources for large boxes, I custom cut them to size on a table saw.  Hope your stuff sells and you have fun. Bob

  10. 1 hour ago, edinmass said:

    I only go to the HAMB to look at photos. Most of the people there have a different attitude on  using the Internet  Compared to people on this site.



    Over the years there have been some really good professional shots posted from Pebble Beach. A search should turn up the related threads. Bob 

  11. 1 hour ago, alsancle said:

    Bob, I’m still bitter about the hot rod cord thread getting locked for no reason.


    I wonder why that got canned, there were coffin nose Cord Drag & Dry Lakes cars and they ran Cord engines in some Hot Rods.


    If you had a Cord V8 and turned it around and stuffed it in any normal rear drive car, which direction does it turn?