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  1. My dad probably bought these off some farmer’s porch 50+ years ago. They seem to be high quality but don’t seem to wrap around as much as 1909 vintage seats from a car with no doors. There is also a ring that looks like a robe strap attached. That would mean a car with doors maybe later teens?? I suppose they could be buggy seats but seem too fancy. Seems like really big diamond upholstery too so a bit confusing. Jackson spring cushion company Jackson, Michigan tag on one. Any clues??
  2. My radiator seems to be identical to the 1914 B-55 in this thread: Looks like they smoothed out the radiator shells later.
  3. I've found a couple of poor photos, but no really good front-on picture of a 1915 C-55 6 cylinder Buick. The photos I've seen seem to ave the exact squarish radiator shell surround for the crank hole cover. http://forums.aaca.org/topic/292006-what-is-it-probably-a-1915-buick-model-c-55-six/ Anyone have a nice pic of a 1915 C-55?
  4. I've kept this for years thinking someone might need the top and bottom tanks for a re-core. Anybody know what it might fit? The shell originally came up around the huge crank hole from the bottom, so that seems to be an identifying feature. Thx
  5. People here seem to be able to identify quicker than I can get it posted.... Any help is appreciated.
  6. The guy on the left is my uncle and he owned it until he spilled it on a gravel road. What year Harley is it???
  7. Here are a couple of family photos. People here in the forum seem to be lightning quick in identifying cars, so let me know what you think. What makes and year? The second pic = car looks like a Buick style radiator, but hubcaps don't look like Model 10. The bike is a Harley twin. I'll post some better pics of that to get a year for that too.
  8. Thanks much to all for your help. It gives me what I needed!
  9. I cropped the cars out of a family photo of mine. The back car looks like a 13 or 14 Model T I think. What is the front car?? I think that the photo was taken 1918-1920 timeframe. Thanks in advance for the collective expertise that exists here!!
  10. Quite a number of these are being sold individually on EBAY for anyone interested. Search on seller name dommino. Get them before the ad clippers.... Thx
  11. The 1907-9 KisselKars did not have the curved front fenders like the one in the pic. I have sales brochures for each of these years and fenders do not wrap down at the front . This looks like a 1910. Attached is a picture of an earlier KisselKar postcard that I have.
  12. Any Remy experts out there. I'm trying to sort out the differences in the Model L and Model S Remy magnetos of the 1910 vintage. They seem very similar- I think Buick, Overland and several other cars used these. My 1910 Fuller uses a Model T, which is a 2 row magnet version of the L and S Any info appreciated.
  13. Are you sure that they didnt say 50 thousands of an inch. It looks like you have a lot more than 5 thousands opening. There isnt any appreciable flow through the cam bearings, all you want to do is build oil film on the journals. My 2cents would be to not worry about it.
  14. This looks like a Bosch ZR or ZU magneto. If you flip open the oil cover on the top, you should be able to see the marked gear as it passes. I can send you timing instructions if you provide the exact model of your magneto.
  15. A good way to clean spark plugs is to boil them in vinegar on your kitchen stove. Try replacing the condenser with a modern one. Dont use an old one, get a new one that will fit from your local parts store.
  16. I think that this carb is for 1931 8 cylinder, but not sure. Can someone confirm? Throat appears to be 2 1/4" diameter. Bolt spacing of flange is 3 1/2" Thanks
  17. I listed a rusty but restorable (I think) SV-12 carb on ebay if there is any interest. It is item 160427437268 if the link below doesnt work. 1923 Studebaker EK Big Six Ball & Ball Brass Carburetor : eBay Motors (item 160427437268 end time May-01-10 21:27:46 PDT)
  18. I really appreciate the help from both of you! Greg
  19. I have a bunch of NORS point sets which are probably MOPAR based on some of the other items I've identified. Anyone that can identify cross ref part numbers or application for these would be most appreciated: Shurhit A-102 Breaker Points Shurhit A-96 Breaker points Vulcan P39 Breaker points Vulcan FX-30T Brush Set AMPCO EX57 Brush Set Thanks in advance! Greg
  20. There are four positions for the switch. There are five terminals(screw connections). Greg
  21. This switch must have been frame mounted and the rod and bellcrank attached to the end of the steering column. So the light switch handle at the center of the steering wheel would have actuated the lights through this rod. Any idea what it fits? The armor wire leads me to think it's late teens to early 20's. Greg
  22. Ben, Best chance of finding would be to write a note to> Bernie Weis 135 Edgerton St. Rochester, NY 14609 I have some truck data from Pierce Arrow Society. SHows 2 RF trucks exist S/N 7211198/Engine 2588 is in New Zealand (Brian Roy owner) Other is Dump Truck with Wood Hyd Dump Body S/N 7211967 eng unk. Owner was Thomas Spencer RR1 Box 112 New Ringgold, PA 17960 Good Luck, Greg
  23. I listed a 21 Stude Distributor on ebay. Getting rid of some of my extra stuff- Remy 358-A Distributor for 1921 Studebaker EG or EH Car : eBay Motors (item 160420045438 end time Apr-09-10 21:11:46 PDT) My books shows it's for '21 EG or EH. Probably not a lot of demand, but it's a nice item for someone that needs it.
  24. I have accumulated well over 100 Kissel/KisselKar items over many years of collecting. This includes hubcaps, sales pins, prestige sales brochures, factory photos, postcards, dealer promo items etc. I can provide a list and pictures. Selling in one lot. Price is $4500. Contact me if you are interested gloftness@cs.com
  25. I scanned both sided of this photo as the back writing gives some more info. Anyone recognize it? Greg
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