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  1. Somebody has to have a decent driver door panel like this one for my 1972 Skylark. It is white at the top, wood grain center and black rug bottom premium panel. Picture below is the nasty one in there now. My passenger side is marginal but I could just replace the rug portion on the bottom and use it for now. I will take a pair if someone has a set. I have paint and body work being done shortly and would rather find used ones that are decent than buy expensive re-pops right now. I want to put the funds to use for other things I need. Help!
  2. Need a plastic grill and both headlight bezels for a project Buick I am working on. Anybody have anything in decent condition? Shoot some pictures to me either on this site or at turbocoupe1@hotmail.com
  3. While exploring an old closed junkyard on a side hill in PA I stumbled on a 2 door Fleetwood. It has parts that someone might need. Two front wheel lip trims, roof stainless for rear window is nice, has a very complete engine bay and has some interior parts that are very usable.
  4. What exactly happened electrically to the car?
  5. Beautiful center button for a Tri-5 Pontiac pulled from a 4 door sedan in an old closed junkyard on a mountain. It is in excellent shape with a brilliant center disc and clear plastic. Not crazed, cracked with really nice original chrome trim. I believe as nice as you can find used at that age. $75 + the shipping. The car has parts still intact, let me know what you need and I can check.
  6. I found a very nice pair of IH Metro rear doors at an old yard in PA. They have rust but considering how old they are the rust out is minimal. The remains of the business name are still on the lower part of the doors. I believe it was a laundry service truck. The upper hinges still work and the door latch mechanism is still in place. The truck also has both side rub rails intact on the body as well. I posted pics if someone is interested let me know. I know that the driver side rear door has a small hole in the very bottom. From memory I believe the passenger side rear door has no holes. I have seen these with the doors rotted completely off at the bottom these are far better than that. I could get more pics and I would have to remove them if someone wants them.
  7. Is the bolt pattern 5 X 5 or 5 X 4.5 on a 66 Buick Wildcat?
  8. I live in PA. Not looking to fry tires. There is an 82 carbed Turbo car in my neighborhood blown engine. Those carbed turbos were not too good. I had a 79 I know. The car has nice Buick wheels and is an automatic of course. My wheels started turning on the 300 engine in it. I have a 4 bbl carb and intake set up that I could put on the 79,000 mile 300 that would help the performance a little but a 300 with low miles would be a performance upgrade to a carbed V6 from that period and would be a neat conversation piece for sure.
  9. I have a nice clean 300 ci Buick engine just sitting around with 76,000 miles. I came across a clean Regal body that needs an engine. My wheels started turning. Regal was a V6 (which is shot) not sure of the condition of the trans in the car, though it is said to be good. Would a 300 work? If so what motor mounts would be required, Obviously a different radiator would be needed. Thoughts?
  10. Update: I did speak to one of the guys who were there when the car was unloaded off the flatbed after purchase. He indicated that the floor and frame looked solid, especially given the age. I can try and confirm that if someone expresses interest in the car. It is not mine so I would have to go over to where it is and try and look around under it.
  11. Really complete 1970 Buick Electra 225 convertible for sale. The car is not mine, operating condition unknown. I do not know much about the car itself pretty much other than what the pictures show. Per the owner.... it is a 455 car complete with engine and transmission. He got the car but did not try and start it as far as I know. He got it out of an estate when someone passed away and it was inside a garage where it had sat and needed to be removed. It has been sitting outside since he picked it up (about 2 months) and the top leaked soaking the rug so it got wet inside with the wet weather we got here in PA but he indicated it was dry when he got it. I did not open the hood (has lip edge rust) as the car was in a private driveway and I did not need issues! It has a clean title and can be transferred per the owner. I noticed the last inspection was NY 2007. Car has a dark brown leather interior, front seat needs work, needs a rug and a new canvass top. Car has power windows and the door switches are in place and look intact. Odometer shows 64,361 but I do not know if it is correct or rolled over. I could not open the trunk so I have no idea about it's condition. There is a car cover stuffed inside currently on the front seat and the owners manual is in the car. Car has complete convertible top assembly, nice dash and pad, road wheels with 3 centers (need polished out) and has it's skirts. Rear quarters are really not bad neither are the skirts. Car needs left front fender for sure, right front needs work at bottom and the lower doors need some work. I could not look at the floors and frame where it sat. I am a Buick guy and frequent this site so he asked me to put it up here for him because of the audience. In drive train and parts alone it is desirable. I in no way guarantee anything and am doing the best I can to describe it. This car is not turn key, has rust and would need to be flatbed or towed. The seller owns a tow and recovery company and he will work with a buyer on transport but that would be up to the buyer to work out with him. I have more pictures and can send them if you contact me and give me an email address to shoot them to. If you are serious about the car, contact me and I will then send the owners personal contact information. He is busy with his business so he asked me to put it out here. He is asking $2500 obo.
  12. Packard engine I found in an old yard. When I looked under the hood of the Hudson it was in I was shocked at how complete the thing was. I am thinking it is a 320? The transmission is there too. It is in a Hudson body probably a 56. I know this was a transition time within the Hudson/Packard . I have no price listed because I have to determine when and if I am going to pull the drivetrain or yank out the whole car. This time of the year up here is difficult with weather. I have to gauge the interest before I move forward and the Packard part of this site does not split for sale/general etc like my Buick guys do.
  13. These centers were black but the paint is all but gone. I have 3 of these caps, 2 pretty nice ones and 1 with more imperfections but still usable.
  14. Was it Poly 318 in 56? I see Poly 318 engines in Mopars up to about 66 or so it seems.
  15. Found this grill stainless in an old yard I frequent. It was laying in the picker bushes for probably 50 years. Car is long crushed. Obviously it has some flaws in the stainless but jeez where you gonna find this? Asking $150. Will ship if I have to at buyers expense or can meet someone if near enough to me in NEPA.
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