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  1. I really don't know. Had a gas odor that wasn't visibly apparent. The same day I noticed a wet spot on the ground I happened to break a rear brake line. Because both break and fuel lines ride, side by side, in a channel decided to replace all of them. The fuel pump, though operational had severe rust on it's mounting plate so I replaced it as well. Also replaced the rubber flexible lines both fore and aft. I also replaced the rear shoes and front rotors and pads while I had the car up on stands. When I tried to start the vehicle to test for any fuel leaks it wouldn't start. I ran what diagnostics I could and decided it was the ECU. Replaced same but didn't make any difference. The coil pack and base have been replaced in the past which should rule them out. Currently has no spark at the plugs. Car has ~127k original miles. I have 3 of the original wheels. (Had a flat on the expressway once and it buggered one of them up.) This model has the plastic front fenders. Only dent is on the trunk lid. Spoiler disintegrated as most do, but I kept the pieces. I have a dozen or so pictures available on request. It is now one of 4 vehicle projects I need/want to complete but will not have the time or funds to do so.
  2. '88 T-Type LeSabre. $1000 Needs TLC. Has been sitting for several years. Electric system failed while doing a lot of work to vehicle and have not had time to diagnose error. New breaks, rotors, fuel pump and lines, break lines, etc. Inherited from original owner (my father-in-law). Near Cincinnati, OH