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  1. Greg, I see your point.  Perhaps we can add a check box to the future registration forms to indicate the registrant's desire to not be published in the program.  If left unchecked, we will publish it.  It has gotten to the point where you have to use a magnifying glass to read the registration form.  There is only so much room on a page, and to fit more on it means we have to make the print smaller.  But we will see if we can fit it in somewhere.


    If we reversed it and had a checkbox to give us permission to publish it, I suspect a lot of people will overlook it and, therefore, we will not have many people listed in the program.  I think it is a valuable source of information, and it will probably be listed the same in future meets unless we are told by a higher authority to not publish it anymore.

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  2. I have used this same PO Box 467 for over 10 years. I ONLY use it for BCA National Meet registrations.  To my knowledge, I have NEVER had anything returned until this year.  I don't know what or who is screwing this up, but I have a list of envelopes with various names that WERE received to show them the variations in the name.  I'd like to find the exact person that rejected the ones this year and talk to them directly, but that will never happen.

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  3. "This tank is not useable."


    Toss it if you aren't going to ever use it again. It is just taking up room.  You can't worry about other people's future wants.  They will find what they need when they need it.  I recently went through my garage and tossed out items I've had for years and wonder why I ever kept them in the first place.  Hoses and belts I've replaced, old spark plugs, broken headlights, rusted trim pieces, etc.  It feels good now to look at my shelves and see empty places for the next item.

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  4. I have talked to the post office about this numerous times.  Apparently, they have gotten more strict about the names on the PO Box.  The names have to match exactly.  For instance, if I had the PO Box listed as 'Buick Club of America National Meet' and someone sent in a registration with 'BCA National Meet', they were being rejected.  I had to come up with a dozen different names someone could list it on the envelope and had them officially added to the PO Box.  What a hassle.


    Yes, you can send it in again, or call me at the number at the bottom of the form and I will register you over the phone, if you want.  You do not have to pay the additional $15 late fee.

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  5. Yes, I am curious to see if the $15 late fee really has an impact.  I will be able to tell if the rate of registrations fall off significantly from now until the beginning of the show.  In previous years, I received a lot of registrations with a few weeks to go.  I think we can get at least 400 registrations entered by the time I leave for the show, which will make this show a pretty good sized event.

  6. What a week!  I have received 90 registrations since 05/25/17.  And still almost a month left before the deadline.


    # Registrations: 342

    # Cars: 252 (111 Formal Judging, 41 Display, 42 Archival, 22 Modified, 36 Driven)  We have 5 Buicks over 100 years old, including 3 x 1908 Buicks.

    # Vendors: 37 different vendors, occupying over 100 spots.

    # People: 637 


    It's going to be a great show.  There is still time to get your registration in, although you will pay an additional $15 registration fee since it is after June 1.

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  7. The latest tally, as of 05-25-17:

    Number of Registrations: 257, almost 500 people registered

    Number of Vendors: 29 vendors, taking up 51 vendor spots

    Number of cars: 192 (85 formally judged, 34 Display, 27 Archival, 20 Modified, 26 Driven)


    With a month to go, I expect at least 100 more registrations.  Buick members are procrastinators when it comes to registering for National events.

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  8. I also feel very attached to the 1954 Landau.  I covered the story when it was displayed in a small museum in Texarkana, TX, where the original thermos and cups were reunited with the Landau.  The son of the original owner was there, too.  See the March 2009 Bugle for the complete article.  in 2011, Mr. Earl let me and my wife, Michelle, sit in it.  What a thrill that was.  Mr. Coker and Lamar were great care-takers of it.

    RoyAndMichelle 2011 2.JPG

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  9. There have been many discussions on this forum about redials vs bias ply.  Personally, I think that if a car (and wheels) is designed for bias ply tires, then that's what I use.  I try to find the right size, whether it be metric or not, as long as they are close to the original size.  You may get a softer feel with radials, but then that takes away from the driving experience that I get when I drive a car that was designed before radials.  It is like putting a modern radio and speakers in an older car.  Sure, you will probably enjoy the radio more than the original AM, but you lose the nostalgia feeling.  When I drive an older car, I want to experience what it was like to drive it as it was designed, and tires are part of the experience.


    As far as judging, the mandatory deduction for incorrect tire type and/or size will eliminate the car from receiving a Senior Award, assuming it had enough points otherwise.  I've known some owners to put the correct bias ply tires on for judging, then switch to radials for driving.  Expensive, but it has been done.

  10. Everyone who registers will receive a confirmation letter as soon as it is entered into the computer.  It doesn't matter how you register.  If you register online, you will first get a confirmation from the website, but once we receive it, we will enter it into the computer and you will get a confirmation from us, too.  If you provided an email address with your registration, the confirmation letter will be emailed to you.  Otherwise, it will be sent by regular mail. 

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