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  1. As suspected, all the BCA rooms are booked at the Sheraton host hotel.  They just gave you a room at the normal rates.  To anyone reading this, please call the alternate hotels listed on the registration form. All of these hotels are just as nice, are within walking distance of the Sheraton (no streets or highways to cross), and will give you the same $119 room rate, with breakfast included.

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  2. Pete and I were there this past weekend to finalize some of the meet issues.  We were told then that the Sheraton (Host Hotel) was almost sold out.  We have the entire hotel except for a few rooms held back for employees, etc.  Perhaps they were selling you a room that was out of the block we had reserved.  However, every room, including ones from the alternate hotels are supposed to be $119 per night.  I'll try to find out what is going on.

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  3. The drivers and seniors are included in the total.
    400 Point - 72
    Display Only -  64
    Archival - 21
    Modified - 14
    Total - 171
    In other words, of the 171 cars registered, 53 were driven and 15 were seniors.  The Driven and seniors could be in the other categories, too.
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  4. Michelle and I will be leaving the Friday before and staying in Manitou Springs for a few days before heading up to Denver.  We will be at the show Tuesday afternoon to open the registration desk.  As of this moment, I plan on driving my recently acquired 1998 LeSabre.  I might even try to climb Pikes Peak with it while I'm close by.


    Y'all have safe and easy travels, and we will see you there!

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  5. When I read the Cuban articles, I was struck with the thought "What if people in this country took the same amount of effort to keep older cars running and on the road?"  Now, I know the situation in Cuba is quite different than the US, but you have to give the Cubans enormous credit for doing whatever it takes to keep these cars on the road.  They are not restoring them for show, but keeping them alive for driving.  We are spoiled with the easy availability of parts (in most cases) and the income to afford them.

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  6. I really don't see what the big deal is over parking by years.  Logically speaking, look at the judging categories.  Except for the special Buick models, it is all by year anyway.  I think most people would agree that the Rivieras (Class O), Gran Sports (Class P), GN and T-types (Class Q), Reattas (Class R), Professional and Specialty Buicks (Class S), and Race Cars (Class T) are different enough to stay in their own area.  As a spectator, if one was interested in Rivieras or Reattas, they could go to the Riviera or Reatta section and see the evolution of that special model year by year.  Same can be said for the others recently mentioned.  All other classes (A - N) are already organized by year, and therefore, are already parked according to year.  


    The only real argument is what to do with the Archival cars during judging.  If we can figure out how to judge the Archivals when they are all over the field, we got it. 

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  7. Just for the record, the windshield cards are different colors AND they are spelled out.  So, if we were to have 4 Buicks of the same year parked side by side, one 400 point judged, one Display only, one Modified, and one Archival, it is pretty easy to tell which one is in which judging category.



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  8. As they say, one cannot control the weather.  It was clod and rainy on Friday night, and cold and windy Saturday morning.  We left at noon to go see two local private garages, so not enough time to get the cars organized in a parking lot together.  The garages were outstanding.  By the time we returned, the weather was nice but we lost our parking spaces.  Not a lot of Buicks, but it was nice to see old friends again.

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  9. The Driven Class has been changed to where it is not a separate class anymore.  Any registered vehicle can apply for a Driven medallion, so there will not be a separate place in the show field for the Driven Class.  Therefore, the Display and Driven will be parked in the same area as it's class. The Archival Class and the Modified Class, however, are still separated.

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  10. It is not that difficult to park Pre-War cars according to years.  The judging classes (A-D) are all specifically year related anyway.  The difference is this: In the past, let's say 15 cars were registered for class B (1913 - 1935).  The show field would allocate 15 spots for Class B.  A Class B vehicle could park anywhere within these 15 spots.  In order to park specifically according to year, someone will have to make sure the cars are parked within Class B by year; 1913 on the left, then 1914, then 1915, etc.  1935 would be on the far right.  All it takes is for someone to direct the cars to their specific spot as they arrive.


    I doubt if parking by year will migrate to other divisions.  The Rivieras, Reattas, Gran Sports, and Modifieds will still want to park together by division.  They wouldn't want to be with other models of the same year.

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