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  1. I asked the owner of that 40 Roadmaster truck "How does a person come to possess an experimental vehicle like that"? He said the engineers designing it at the time had a chance to sign it out for a week or so at a time. One engineer signed it out and never gave it back. He said there were 4 of them made but he does not know what happened to the others. Too bad it never made it to production. It's a very nice looking truck.

  2. There's not much more to tell. The welding / body shop hasn't touched it in several months. The owner's primary business is welding for oil rigs and he says he is too busy with that line of work to do anything to the car. We are getting impatient with him, but he says it will slow down after a while and he'll be able to separate the body from the chassis. After that, we plan on going back to the shop and strip the chassis down for sandblasting and painting. At the same time, he will work on the body.

    The engine is in the process of being torn down so we can detail and repaint it. At this time we have no plans to rebuild it because it was running fine and there's not that many miles on it. We have confirmed the carburator on the car is the correct number for a 425 High Performance engine with a standard shift transmission. It still has the original tag on it, which matches the number stamped on the base. So that's more validation to the authenticity of the vehicle.

    The transmission has been rebuilt and ready to go back in. The transmission shop specializes in racing transmissions and told us he was very impressed with our transmission. He said it was a very rare heavy duty transmission and was excited to help us.

    We appreciate everyone's interest. I personally find it encouraging and motivating.

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