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  1. I need a good pair of '73 Regal or Gran Sport Tail lights (...these are different from the base Century tail lights..)...anybody ? Thanks.
  2. I had a '78 Skyhawk with the Buick V-6 and 4 speed....I am sorry now I got rid of it back in '88...though it WAS rusting quite a bit. I put a lot of worry free miles on it...but engineering on it was terrible. You had to unbolt the motor mounts and raise the engine to replace the starter...plus as was usual for that era and STILL - getting anything under the dash was a huge chore. But the car was very reliable - though terrible in the snow even with 300lbs worth of sandbags over the rear wheels - with good snow tires to boot !...but I do miss it..
  3. Hi...I am going to start painting my chassis, and will be driving the car quite a bit...its almost an everyday driver once I'm done - has anybody had any experience with Corroless (now Eastwood calls it Rust Encapsulator and instead of a single step - its part of a 3 step process where you need a rust converter, and a final top coatover the Rust Encapsulator...) or with Zero Rust ? I've found POR-15 may be good for garage queens - but not for anything seeing any type of regular use without even exposing it to winter even... Thanks. Ray
  4. Thanks for the tips...I'm going to give them a try....though the bad thing is that out of the blue, after just reinstalling the battery (same one...), it started like nothing was wrong..... I have previously cleaned all the connections (including battery, to and from ground, and the starter...)....so I think maybe it was a dead spot on the starter.....
  5. My dad has a '67 skylark with a V-8. It ran fine, then out of the blue the starter won't do anything. No clicking, no slow turning - nothing but the idioit light coming on the dash. We checked the battery with a hydrometer - was fully charged and all the cells were good. We also changed the solenoid (we had a new extra on for emergencies...), and no change. Might it be either the starter, ignition switch, or the neutral safety switch ? Thanks. Ray
  6. While I wouldn't recommend the paint for panel rust, I did use POR-15 engine paint system on my "everyday through Michigan winters" Ranger when I rebuilt the engine - and the paint stayed without burning off for about 3-4 years....I think they make it in Buick red too.
  7. Hi..I'm looking for a grill, mustache bar for grill, taillights & chrome, hood bombsight, chrome for hood emblem, and gas tank. Do you have these, and what shape/price ? Thanks. Ray Seigle
  8. Bump....anybody know where I can get a good pair of taillights ? thanks...
  9. I'm looking for a pair of tail lights for a 1973 Buick Regal or GS....note they're different from the Century tail lights. Thanks.
  10. Bump......still looking for these tail lights in better than driver condition if possible.......
  11. ......can't help with the value estimation, but as to finding parts, either get online to Hemmings Motor News, or I would strongly suggest you get a subscription to the magazine. Hemmings has ALWAYS been the "Bible" to old car restorers. Its pretty good at having vendors listed that sell parts you can't find on Ebay, or online through other vendors. It always is my fall back for finding parts. Good luck.
  12. Bump.....anybody have these willing to part with them ?
  13. HI...I need the tail light lenses from a 1973 Buick Century GS. This is different from the normal Century, as the GS has 4 horizontal plastic chomr bars across the lenses. These may also be the same as are on the Regal. Thanks.