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  1. Found it, 42 to 48 Chevy. impala
  2. Thanks Keiser I'm thinking that too because I can't imagine any door being shaped like that. If it helps, the widow told me her husband was in the process of restoring a 40, 41 and a 50 Chevy. she also said when he saw items at Hershey or Carlisle he liked he bought them whether they fit his cars or not. impala
  3. Two of these came in a collection of parts I recently acquired and I'm trying to ID the application. There are no part numbers, just a tiny logo which I've attempted to draw, see pics. Thanks in advance for any positive ID. impala
  4. I recently acquired a large collection of parts and included are these left and right rocker panel moldings that are unmarked. They appear to be 64-66 Mustang but I'm looking for confirmation. I suspect one is NOS Ford and the other may be a reproduction. Is there any way to tell? The reason I think that is the one I suspect is NOS has tiny markings along the inside of the lower edge to locate the mounting clips, see 4th. pic. The marks are about 12' to 15" apart. The overall length is 77 1/2" and 2 13/16" wide. There are no other markings at all except for the clip locations. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, impala
  5. I recently acquired a collection of 61 and 63 Chevy pieces. I'm offering these partial interiors to AACA members before I put them on ebay. 1. 61 convertible front and rear seat covers, turquoise, 4 pc.windlace kit, a long strip of windlace and a large piece of extra turquoise sheet vinyl. Boxes not marked as to mfg. 2. Cars Inc.#3652 63 SS convertible bucket seat and rear seat covers, fawn. 3. 61 to 64 80/20 loop black carpet w/padding, mfg. unknown. All are new in the box and will sell for half of the average suppliers prices plus shipping. Pm me with email for pics if interested. impala
  6. I'm not the one looking. I was the seller. I rebuilt 5 of those over the winter and just sold the last finished one. impala
  7. This one might work for you:
  8. Does anyone have an exact address for the AGNM to plug into a GPS? My GPS won't accept Maynard St. without a number. I'll be trailering if that matters. Thanks
  9. Didn't Richard Rawlings on Fast and Loud recently have one too? impala
  10. Check out the pics and text near the bottom of page 1 in this thread: He shows both 55-56 and 57-64 and yours looks different. If you happen to belong to the site you could email him the pics and I'm sure he could ID what you have. He's the site rear gear guru. impala
  11. The experts here will know for sure: in the 55-57 stock forum. impala
  12. Someone might correct me if I'm wrong but if you're speaking of AACA judging they don't check paint codes. Any color offered that year for your vehicle is OK. If you're being judged by a marque club then that is a different story. impala
  13. As a matter of fact yes,everything is on line including the magazine. As a long time member and magazine reader (no mention of the signs in the May-June issue) I couldn't find the info in either place. impala