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  1. I figured that and it's already on the wall. Thanks, impala
  2. No I do not, sorry. impala
  3. I'll give that forum a shot. Thanks, impala
  4. I got this in a collection of newer Chevy parts and was hoping someone can positively identify it. The overall diameter is 29 3/4" and the center hole is 8". All the ones I've seen are similar but have a 5" or 6" center hole. Not sure whether to hang it on the wall or sell it if it's worth anything. The pics make it look better than it actually is. There are some dents in the metal and also the trim rings. Thanks, impala
  5. I've found the best (and cheapest) anodizie remover is lye and hot water. I get it at Ace Hardware here in PA but it's not available in all states. The mix isn't critical but a cup full in several gallons of hot water in a plastic kitty litter type tub works for smaller pieces. For larger trim I use 3" or 4" pvc pipe cut in half length wise with capped ends. Just beware of the fumes and you'll throw away the costly Eastwood stuff after you see how quick and thorough the lye works. I did the all the trim on my 61 in my avitar for probably $10 worth of lye.
  6. Very nice 62-65 NOS heater control valve, Harrison 3156352 for 62 except 75 series, 63-64 75 series limousine, CC dash, 65 75 series limousine dash only. Any interest, offers PM me. impala
  7. Finally confirmed this is 467 0038, group 35.8090, NOS, power window harness for 1955 models 6019X and 6219X. Willing to sell for much less than the reproduction harnesses. Any interest, offers, PM me. impala
  8. The 55er Is it possible to find 146 0038 in your parts book? I don't know what the group number would be. I'm thinking it's possible that's the correct number but the wrong box. I stretched out the harness and it's about 18' long. impala
  9. That makes me wonder if my harness got put in the wrong box because it's too big, intricate and has too many connections to only be for the p.w. and vent. Later I'll spread it out and get better pics. Unfortunately there are no part numbers on the harness itself. Thanks for posting the page. impala
  10. That's different than power seat, power windows and folding top. I'm used to looking up Chevy numbers where it's more of an exact thing. Which part number did you find it under, the one on the label or the hand written one? Thanks for your input. impala
  11. I recently acquired this NOS Cadillac wiring harness in a box of Chevy parts and I'm having trouble identifying it. The part number on the label is 467 0038 and hand written below is 146 0038, group 35.8090. So far this is the only thing I've found but being a chevy guy it doesn't make much sense to me: 1955 6019x and 6219 x…..Harness, folding top window and seat adjuster and control wire…… Any help would be appreciated as to application and any value it might have. Thanks, impala
  12. Found it, 42 to 48 Chevy. impala
  13. Thanks Keiser I'm thinking that too because I can't imagine any door being shaped like that. If it helps, the widow told me her husband was in the process of restoring a 40, 41 and a 50 Chevy. she also said when he saw items at Hershey or Carlisle he liked he bought them whether they fit his cars or not. impala
  14. Two of these came in a collection of parts I recently acquired and I'm trying to ID the application. There are no part numbers, just a tiny logo which I've attempted to draw, see pics. Thanks in advance for any positive ID. impala
  15. I recently acquired a large collection of parts and included are these left and right rocker panel moldings that are unmarked. They appear to be 64-66 Mustang but I'm looking for confirmation. I suspect one is NOS Ford and the other may be a reproduction. Is there any way to tell? The reason I think that is the one I suspect is NOS has tiny markings along the inside of the lower edge to locate the mounting clips, see 4th. pic. The marks are about 12' to 15" apart. The overall length is 77 1/2" and 2 13/16" wide. There are no other markings at all except for the clip locations. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, impala
  16. I recently acquired a collection of 61 and 63 Chevy pieces. I'm offering these partial interiors to AACA members before I put them on ebay. 1. 61 convertible front and rear seat covers, turquoise, 4 pc.windlace kit, a long strip of windlace and a large piece of extra turquoise sheet vinyl. Boxes not marked as to mfg. 2. Cars Inc.#3652 63 SS convertible bucket seat and rear seat covers, fawn. 3. 61 to 64 80/20 loop black carpet w/padding, mfg. unknown. All are new in the box and will sell for half of the average suppliers prices plus shipping. Pm me with email for pics if interested. impala
  17. I'm not the one looking. I was the seller. I rebuilt 5 of those over the winter and just sold the last finished one. impala
  18. This one might work for you: https://www.ebay.com/itm/142802630837?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  19. Does anyone have an exact address for the AGNM to plug into a GPS? My GPS won't accept Maynard St. without a number. I'll be trailering if that matters. Thanks
  20. Check out the pics and text near the bottom of page 1 in this chevytalk.com thread: http://www.chevytalk.org/fusionbb/showtopic.php?tid/308287/tp/1/ He shows both 55-56 and 57-64 and yours looks different. If you happen to belong to the site you could email him the pics and I'm sure he could ID what you have. He's the site rear gear guru. impala
  21. The experts here will know for sure: www.chevytalk.org in the 55-57 stock forum. impala
  22. Someone might correct me if I'm wrong but if you're speaking of AACA judging they don't check paint codes. Any color offered that year for your vehicle is OK. If you're being judged by a marque club then that is a different story. impala
  23. As a matter of fact yes,everything is on line including the magazine. As a long time member and magazine reader (no mention of the signs in the May-June issue) I couldn't find the info in either place. impala
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