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  1. My Riviera Red 1966 Buick Electra convertible with dual quads with 42,000 miles...owned since 2005, and my Riviera Red 1966 Buick Riviera GS with dual quads,and 94,000 miles...owned since 1988. Barry Smith BCA #23060 ROA #1481
  2. Let me open by saying, I work in a Financial Aid environment, and work hard at the job daily. As I sat down with the Bugle days ago, and noticed the new BCA scholarship, I immediately was drawn to the subject for three reasons. First I was not aware dues from members were in such a surplus to enable a select few to make a decision so radical without polling its membership. I do participate in National meets, and regional chapter activities although I do not belong to a specific chapter. I have enjoyed the events, and meeting others that share my hobby interests thoroughly with many pleasant memories over the last 26 years of owning my '66 Riviera GS. I have no children to enter college, but I have experienced college life by earning a Bachelor degree in 1984, and did not qualify for Financial Aid in doing so. While working full time after the BA degree, I continued my higher education without the use of Financial Aid to achieve a desired Masters Degree in 1990. It involved being dedicated to balancing both a full time job, evening/summer graduate school classes, and to an everyday expense budget. I was always interested in the car hobby from an early age, and I had a strong desire to one day find a car from the 1960's to tinker with. The opportunity came in 1988 with the '66 Riviera GS for $2900. This was two years before I completed my Masters Degree, so it was a release from both work, and schooling to get into the Buick hobby. I have no regrets in going forward before finishing the Masters degree, and one of the best investments to enjoy today as I still own that car nearly 27 years later. Secondly, as mentioned above, I work in the financial aid field as accountant seeing both the rising cost of education, and the many needs that families face. I also work with setting up coding for scholarships at our institution which involves reviewing criteria for the new scholarships based upon donor agreement and wishes. One thing I am puzzled by is the selection criteria being used by the BCA for the scholarship. There is a great deal of the Engineering field that goes into the Buick car hobby, or in the new car/engine design, yet I see no mention of any weight given to the major in Engineering (Electrical, Chemical (alternative fuels), etc.). Shouldn't these funds be better served in majors such as these in prolonging the auto industry here in the US? I know it would be a priority for me as a car nut to know I was fostering the evolution of the car industry in the US, and to create a generation of future GM car fanatics like myself enjoying my historical Buick. My last comment is with the rising costs fees associated with car hobby membership club dues, repair costs to maintain and show vehicles, and to "drive" my Buick treasure to your events should be more valued by BCA than spending membership due funds that only a "select generation" can enjoy who may have little interest in the car hobby, have perhaps poor academic promise, or a major in a field that would not benefit the preservation of vintage Buicks, or design of future Buicks. For this reason, I will rethink my renewal of the BCA membership in August 2016 at which time my membership will expire. Furthermore, the funds can be put to better use here in my hometown through my local car clubs, or state car club charity fund raisers. Investment in bad choices, or poor "administrative executive decisions" has led to many international club organizations' downfall when not first consulting the masses who support the club. Sincerely, Barry Smith BCA #23060 1966 Buick Riviera GS 1966 Buick Electra convertible 1984 Riviera coupe 1990 Park Avenue sedan
  3. "SOLD"1976 Buick Estate Wagon "Fresh Barn Find" Low Miles Exc. cond. many options 11/13/13. It is official this evening, the owners of the wagon phoned me to say that the BCA member from Ohio has completed the transaction, and the car will be going to a good home to be restored, and driven. Thanks again to all who showed interest in the wagon, and have been patient with notification of the sale. Thank you, Barry
  4. It is official this evening, the owners of the wagon phoned me to say that the BCA member from Ohio has completed the transaction, and the car will be going to a good home to be restored, and driven. Thanks again to all who showed interest in the wagon, and have been patient with notification of the sale.
  5. Gary, I have forwarded your phone contact information on to the owners along with some others. One BCA member contacted me to say they were purchasing the car, but since the owners have not contacted me to say that the deal is completed I am still forwarding on any parties who contact me with a serious interest. The ad will stay up here until I know for sure that the cash has switched hands. Thanks again to all who have shown an interest in the car! Barry
  6. Rob, Thanks for the decoding of the seat configuration. Yesterday, I spoke with the owner as well, and she stated it was not a 9 passenger (3 seater). Thanks, Barry
  7. I would think so, but I did not raise what appeared to be folding panels in the floor of the cargo area. Perhaps you can tell from looking at the build sheet features/codes which is the last attachment in the photo section here in the ad. Barry
  8. Gary, Sure, I do not have a problem with more advertisement on the station wagon forum. Barry
  9. FOR SALE: 1976 Buick Estate Wagon "Fresh Barn Find" 65,616 original one owner miles in Exc. survivor cond. many options with clear title. Running when pulled in a new barn built in 1983, and kept there until mid October 2013 (30 years resting). The survivor was pushed outdoors beside the barn, and owners have not attempted to start the car. I am including a attachment of the car's build sheet that come with car. Car was built in June 1976, and sold here in Morgantown, WV 26505 by Chittum Buick. The original West Virginia title was issue 08/11/76. The family owning the car has decide to clear the barn, and I am posting it here as Buick Club Member to see if it can be saved by a fellow Buick enthusiast as opposed to the common fate of big Buick tanks ending up as "Demo Derby" participants. As stated the car is located here in Morgantown, WV 26505. VIN # 4R35Y6X165222 As you can see, an aftermarket CB radio was installed from the 1970's era, and detachable microphone and cord is included in the glove compartment. I have taken several photos of the interior, exterior, undercarriage, and engine compartment. The last oil change was performed on 11/03/1982 at 63,689 miles (very ironic being that it is 31 years to the day I shot these photos on 11/03/2013 to advertise the car for the owners). Oil dipstick shows oil at full mark. Tires can be inflated but are 30+ years old with good tread. They were inflated to move the car out of the barn, and currently after 2 weeks only one went flat. The rear clam shell tailgate does function when tested after removing from barn by attaching a jump cable to current battery connection. Car was originally Ziebart Rust Protected which appears to help preserve the body. Body is straight, with only slight rock chips on lower outer driver door skin as shown in photo that has begun to have small rust specs, and also on lower passenger rear quarter panel. It would be an easy shop fix as beige color would be easy to match. Car has not been cleaned, washed, or waxed during removal. A light wash and detail, and she will sparkle once again! Asking price for this 5200 lb. touring vehicle powered by Buick's 455 cu in. engine is a reasonable $2,000 cash. Selling parties are not interested in trades of any type. It is the buyer's responsibility to arrange, and provide transport of vehicle. Once again, car has been in storage 30 years, and will not be started by owners. Thus it is sold as is, where is. Car is positioned for easy loading by your transport. Would make a perfect vehicle for carting your NOS buick parts to Buick National swap meets! Car is also for sale locally. If car sales locally, then ad will be pulled from forum. Please contact Barry Smith at with your questions, and I will forward your comments, or put serious buyers in contact with the owners. My inspection has only seen two things missing from the car...the driver's original rubber floor mat, and the wheel covers. Seats upholstery,and headliner are in excellent clean condition with no smells of storage. Steering wheel rubber/vinyl is not sticky as often is found on cars of this vintage if left outdoors. Have a great "Buick" filled day! Barry Smith Morgantown, WV 26508 BCA#23060 1976BuickEW_build sheet.pdf
  10. Hi folks, On Wed., 06/26/13 some of the ROA members went on a driving tour in and around Lexington, KY during the ROA Meet. I had a small camcorder, and placed it on my dash on the driver's side of my red '66 Riviera GS to try and capture the tour. Traffic was a bit tight getting through traffic intersections, so the group was often split up in travel. There were three cars ahead of me I as I followed the beige '65 Riviera GS owned by James "Bob" Reed from NC. THis is only the second attempt at using the camera, so please excuse the quality. The clip is about 13 minutes long. It will give you a little idea of what the route was like, and the lead car did a great job of figuring out where most of the turn offs were in this tricky path. The video is just as you see it with the background music coming from the am/fm stereo inside my '66 Riviera that was on at the time. It made for a "sweet dream" of memories. There were about 5-6 Rivs behind of which I could not film as I was the only person in the car. Here is the link on (this is my first attempt at YouTube videos.) Riviera Owners Association 2013 Meet Driving Tour Lexington, KY 062613 mpg - YouTube Enjoy, Barry Smith ROA #1481
  11. I need some help from owners of 1965-66 Electra convertibles and 2 door coupes. I have a 1966 Electra convertible, and there are long diecast(potmetal) chrome mouldings that crown the upper edge of the rear quarter panels. These are unique to convertible, and I believe 2 door hardtops. Does anyone know if the crown mouldings from a 1965 Buick Electra 2 door, or convertible are the same as those on the 1966 Electra convertible? Will they interchange? (They sure look the same in photos.) Thanks, Barry
  12. I have just one NOS 1983 Riviera XX (20th Anniv. Edition) wire wheel center cap in original GM box with plastic sleeve including the "made in Taiwan sticker" on the plastic sleeve & box. Gee, these were not even made in the USA...shame on you GM. $100 plus shipping. Photos attached. Thanks for looking! Barry
  13. gunoil, Re: search for senter cap I sent an email to your yahoo account with the attached photos if still interested in the cap. White dot is reflection from flash on camera. Barry