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  1. FWIW... I added a keyless entry kit to my '67 which didn't have power locks for around $30. I didn't want to modify the interior door panels to add non-original switches, so it is controlled only by the remote. Adding the original vacuum locks would have been difficult to source parts. I was more interested in locking/unlocking from outside the car anyway. Central Power Door Lock /Unlock Actuator Remote Kit 2 Keyless Entry 4 Doors | eBay
  2. Spot on Tom! The old ones were 895’s. My Riv probably started life with hub caps and at some point someone put these on. Cheers, Rod
  3. Hi Tom. Thanks for hooking me up with new wheels. They look great! I found that the center cap retainer hole on the new wheels are 2-1/8” whereas the old wheels were 2”. I’ve ordered new retainer clips. No problem. Just curious when and why GM made the change? Thanks!
  4. Maybe Ray has it right. Perhaps the over the axel pipes are already sized to match the GS and 'oversized' for the non-GS. The only way to know for sure is to get out a tape measure on original pipes (if they're still around). Thinking about it a bit more, it probably makes sense that the over-the-axel pipes were larger diameter (for the non-GS) given the bends that they have and the added restriction that this would cause.
  5. Combining the illustration with the part #s, here's the way that I read it: #9 - Pipe, exhaust-front-right 1372850 with Grand Sport Front Right 1355762 Exc Grand Sport Front Right #10 - Pipe, exhaust-front-left 1372851 with Grand Sport Front Left 1368069 Exc Grand Sport Front Left #12 - Pipe, exhaust-rear-right 1353876 Rear Right #6 - Pipe, exhaust-rear-left 1353877 Rear Left No separate over the axle pipes (exhaust-rear) for the GS vs. non-GS.
  6. You're right Tom. Another no-GS part #. I'm not really sure what GM was thinking here. If the restrictions end in little to no gain, then why not just have separate resonators/muffler for sound effect and larger diameter tailpipes for the visual?
  7. Great question. Taking a quick look at the parts book, I don't see a separate manifold for the GS. All other exhaust components have a separate GS part #, but not the manifolds. Holy restrictive manifold Batman! Hope I'm wrong.
  8. Hi Len, sorry I don't have any feedback on Tri Power, but do let me know what you find out or what your experience is if you decide to give them a try. I'm about 10 minutes from Libertyville and it would be good to have a recommended shop. Thanks, Rod
  9. Time to consider getting my tired wheels (853s) re-chromed. Any advise on a plating service in the Chicago area?
  10. A very, very sad '63... If you need a parts car, this one might be had for cheap. (19) Marketplace - 1963 Buick Riviera · Coupe 2D | Facebook
  11. "pimped out" '63 on FB Marketplace: (20) Marketplace - 1963 Buick Riviera · Coupe 2D | Facebook
  12. Hi Ronnie, thanks for this tip. At lower cruise control speeds, I was still getting an oscillating symptom (although not as pronounced as before cleaning the speedo contacts). Tightened the chain slack to 1/8 inch longer than where the coupler meets the throttle linkage (per the GM service guide) and that solved the issue. Great advice!
  13. Ladies and gentlemen… drum roll please… Thanks everyone for your advice, tips and suggestions! That was the last of my accessories repairs. Every option is now functional (including the R12 based A/C)! Next up… rear end bushings. I did a complete front end rebuild (including the steering gearbox) just after I bought her, but the rear end seems more challenging to me for some reason. Or, maybe I just don’t like working underneath 2 tons of steel with jack stands anymore.
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