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  1. Looking for a source for trim fasteners, such as SS trim on side of many of our vehicals .
  2. What does BX1 mean? I do save as many monogrammed bolts that I can.
  3. There called high bay fixtures. Down right blinding don't look up.
  4. I am mounting my using lug bolt hloe. Where to find piece to use the center hole?
  5. What are your plans for the wheels. Also where are you located?
  6. Now to find mercury maniac🤣
  7. Did GM have bumper jack slots like these. I know mopars 72 & later did.
  8. Thanks all. As far as mounting on my 37 I think I want keep mine. There stainless.
  9. I guess what I am asking is year & make of the headlight bar. Upon further investigation i found the buckets are actually after market from the 30's. wish my buckets were in this good of shape
  10. Thanks all, all info helps, not want a fortune just a good home Dave
  11. Thinking early 30's but would like to narrow down year & make. I wish the buckets on 37 dodge truck looked this perfect.
  12. I know it is probably circa 1930's I would like to narrow down the years & make. What should I look for? Thinking of trying to find it a new home where someone can get some use out of it, if for no other reason than a spare tire. I
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