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  1. Sorry, I wasn't paying enough attention. Yes mine are hood side plates.
  2. I have a couple old sets, not very pristine but probably work for wall hangers.
  3. Here is an exact reproduction of the one that was on my K47 2 ton.
  4. I am looking for a stainless center molding for a 1934 dodge truck. I see a lot for the fords and I wonder if any one has used one and if they are the same. SRPM wants $70 and I have found the fords for $24. This would help the budget.
  5. I have found two good used hood sides, Thanks Byron
  6. Where did you go with that load. That is awesome.
  7. This is on my 34 K47 2 ton. The bottom of the hood sides are in bad shape. I am sure these do not have any repair panels made so I was interested in any ideas on how to repair. How would you reproduce the shape at the bottom? Here are a few pictures of what I am talking about. I do have the louver moldings to weld back in for both sides.
  8. Thanks for the info and links. I was pretty sure it was a special tool.
  9. So my question is how to get the pretty little curl in the back side of the rivets?
  10. Found this on eBay and it should be on it's way in a few days. Between this sample and some existing paint on the truck I should be able to match pretty close. Thanks everybody for the help and pictures. It is neat to see the markings inside the cabs. 1930-1939 AUTO CAR TRUCK RINSHED-MASON PAINT CHIP SAMPLE KILTIE GREEN CODE 23494
  11. Well it does appear that they wrote the paint on the inside of the cab. Looks to be the same type of marker if not the same hand writing but I doubt it. I just took a picture of the dash moulding with the paint waxed a little.
  12. Thanks for the replies. It appears that Kiltie green was also used on 34 Nash's. I do have a very good example on the dash trim piece and a good paint store in town. I just think it interesting that no where in the paint codes or color charts it appears before 1937. Maybe it was a special order and that is why it was written on the door. Does anyone else have the original paint written on the inside of their doors?
  13. My K47 2 ton truck was a dark green. I have searched the auto paint sites and nothing shows for this color. I found this on the inside of the passenger door and it appears to be Kiltie green. I would like to repaint this truck with this original color if anyone has any information. I am assuming it is a truck color as it does not appear in any of the 30 dodge colors.
  14. Yes mine is a 2 ton. They are basically the same except axles and springs. pitalplace@gmail.com
  15. I am doing a 34 K47. I have the carb but it would have to be rebuilt I'm sure. I would guess that gear ratio is about right as these are geared very low. If you would like to talk about these trucks give me a call 308 650 1522
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