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  1. What a small world. Thanks for clearing that up. You made me laugh. Pone, Bethlehem, Pa
  2. Dennis, I wasn’t sure who owned the 1925 Paige 6 70. Thank you for clearing that up. When this pandemic starts to clear up I would like to drive or fly to you to share my progress and get a lot of photos. Would you consider selling your 1925 Paige to me to help complete mine? Thanks for your consideration. Pone, Bethlehem, Pa. cell #610 866 7220
  3. I agree with you on the year. Title states 1923! Sorry I did not meet you at the action. I also agree about the headlights. But they are neat and match the radiator design. I only bought it because it is unmolested as far as never disassembled that I can tell. Neat car non the less. Your car is testimony to that. Ya I agree with you about the Graham/Paige club. I guess we’re our worst enemy not contributing to the news letter. Would be nice to see parts for sale, or updated roster. And yes Dennis, Laddie is my brother and no I have yet to ID body manufacture but will update as I contin
  4. Grimy, I bought a 1923 Paige like yours from a auction in Philly a couple years ago. I bought it will hopes to put my 1925 Paige together locating clips/retainers in proper locations. All original untouched which I will sell eventually in the same virgin condition as it is in unmolested thru out. Your car is gorgeous thank you for sharing. That goes for everyone on this site. I thought I was alone with my 1925 Paige 6 70. I am hoping old car guy will allow me to photo his 1925 Sedan for my reference when reassembling. Sorry about the picture upside down I can’t figure why it’s rite side up in
  5. I own a paint shop. Interesting info. They were very hard workers!
  6. I maybe interested in your engine. Can you send clear photos of what you have. Thanks Pone, Bethlehem Pa.
  7. Anyone out there that can help me with this unicorn? 1925 Paige 6-70 is very unique compared to 1924/1926. Rebuilt all wood structure, fabricated body sheet metal. Now working on fenders. Would like to look at another “25” but just can’t locate one. Thanks for any advise. I have a long history with this vehicle (50 years). 14 year old kid with a dream. Turns out it had to wait till I retired and of course had a bit more skill also could afford the costs.
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