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  1. Will Deliver Within Reasonable Distance From Madison WI One Complete Engine - 248 Cu InOne Additional Block With Crank and CamCylinder Head Rebuilt, All New Exhaust ValvesMany Duplicate Parts.......2 Clutch Setups2 Bellhousings2 Intake Manifolds (No Cracks)2 Exhaust Manifolds (No Cracks)Manifolds are Listing For $200.00+ on Ebay2 Flywheels1 Manual TransmissionMuch More, Contact Me for Details Located in Madison, WI
  2. Hi Rusty - I know you want something close but offering this for consideration.......... I purchased a 1940 Coupe from an estate sale. The deceased was restoring the car. I have 1-1/2 248 straight eights with two bellhousings, clutches and flywheels Also a three speed manual transmission. I put one motor together loosely, the bore is standard size, the head has been gone through with all new exhaust valves. All parts are there to finish and includes duplicate manifolds (no cracks), carb and other parts Unfortunately I am in Madison, Wisconsin........... If You are interested or
  3. 4 - 1940 Buick Rims with Hubcaps 16" X 5" 5 0n 5" Bolt Pattern Rims are Excellent, No Rust Hubcaps Have Some Small Dents Located in Madison, WI Email - bbvetto@gmail.com
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