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  1. I JUST received my refurbished carburetor 7026240 it is with 2 gaskets : ONE METAL and one paper i think that i have to put the PAPER then the METAL then the carburetor ...is it exact ? I SAWN THIS fitting here https://www.corvetteforum.com/forums/c1-and-c2-corvettes/1978466-q-jet-carb-base-gasket-tech-info-the-hot-slot-manifold-problem.html A common mistake when installing a Q-Jet on a 1966-1970 GM V8 is that the “mechanic” uses a 1971 – 1980 carb base gasket. This results in severe exhaust gas ingestion into the intake manifold, external exhaust leaks on the driver’s side of the carb base, and possible carb base damage and engine damage from detonation. Early Rochester QuadraJet Carburetor installations (1966-1969) often used a “hot slot” exhaust groove that runs from side-to-side in the intake manifold just forward of the primary throttle bores, popularly known as the “smiley face” manifolds. The purpose of this “smiley face hot slot” was to run hot exhaust gasses under the carb to provide fuel pre-heat on cold days. The hot gasses would heat up a stainless steel plate, and the carb was bolted directly to this stainless plate for good heat transfer. Chevy used this design on ’66-’68 327/300hp, ’68 327/350hp, and ’66-’69 427/390hp Corvette engines, and Pontiac used it on their '67 4-barrel engines. There are several problems with this arrangement: 1. A hot carb with hot fuel may run very well on cold mornings in Minnesota, but this arrangement does not run well on hot summer nights in Southern California. 2. A carb bolted directly to a steel shield is highly prone to vacuum leaks between the carb and the shield. 3. Any leak in the gasket arrangement results in exhaust gas ingestion directly into the intake manifold, which leads to poor engine performance and the possibility of engine damage if the leak becomes severe. 4. Since the “hot slot” was only used for a few years, there is a high probability of “mechanics” installing the incorrect carb base gasket (late model style), resulting in exhaust gas ingestion into the manifold and external exhaust leaks due to the incorrectly-fitting late-model base gasket. To solve this problem, you need to use a special 3-piece carb base gasket “kit” for the “hot slot” manifolds. There are no parts stores who recognize the existence of such a gasket kit, so you have to create your own (I am no longer offering these for sale). Here is a typical cast iron Chevy “hot slot” “smiley face” manifold. The slot was also used on the aluminum Chevy Big Block manifolds, ’66-’68 327, and on 1967 Pontiacs. The “hot slot” is the long groove running from side to side just forward of the small primary throttle bores.
  2. hello i have a question on suspension lower ball join ON riviera 1966;) The upper ball join is welded. It is the same thing for lower ball join please ? Because it is very hard to remove. thank you for your answer ! philip
  3. ok thank you all !!! for this answers !!🙂
  4. I have removed the cover and accessed at the timing chain How tension is applicated on the chain please ? Because I find it relaxed. Do you have a tip to check this tension without tool please ? Thank you philip
  5. OTHER QUESTION : my carburetor is very old (Joint plane corroded by rust) and it is impossible to open the first barell (rust) and i must change it is a 7026240 rochester 4mc is it possible to change with a rochester 7042252 for oldsmobile 72/74 engine 455 ? it is the same model rochester 4mc BUT there are little difference : - gas bracket - out filter here the pictures i sawn a cheaper rochester 7042252 to sold ! thank very much you for your answers ! i'm waiting the the specialists ! philippe
  6. yes there are plenty !! thanks
  7. i have a question : Do you need absolutly 2 parallel belts to power the compressor?
  8. bravo for this excellent job !!!🙂
  9. here my job for new construction driver door panel - self-adhesive foam UXCELL 5mm in rubber (to reconstitute the thickness before the vinyl coating) - vinyl type Buulqo 0.6mm for recouvrement - black carpet for door panel bottom - a panel ISOREL - NEOPRENE GLUE HERE SEVERALS PICTURES
  10. yes it is vaccum source accessory as you tell it is a answer> thank you for your photography !!☺️ i haven't trunk lock and door lock
  11. i have a lot of pictures of chassis service manual 1966 it is on the left on carburetor as picture joined and it is vaccum outlet OK
  12. and this flexible hose is connected to interior ?? HEATER ?
  13. Hello i have a buick riviera 1966 and a carburetor ROCHESTER 4MC with climatic choke reference 7026240 and i have a hose on this carburetor but i don't know where is the issue of this hose ?? it is on the left side on the carburetor as the picture shows IF someone knows it will be great for me ! thank you philip
  14. HERE the fuse box on my 1966☺️
  15. FOR YOUR INFORMATION > here the electric diagram which is efficient perfect with our original switch in riviera 1966 if you remplace the original antenna by a modern antenna with the 3 wires (+12v, negative and 1 feeding wire (often green wire)) you JUST have to buy 2 relays i put in my car !!!
  16. so i don't understand the ignition switch and the different position accessory, on...;) > IT is written in the owner's manual (1967 for example) that the power windows cannot be operated unless the ignition switch is ON;;;; and i can operate the windows without ignition switch...power bench... AND what is the purpose of accessory position ? radio FOR USING ? There is a changement in 1967 i think...
  17. great answer !! thank you !!
  18. the number 2 in front of 2KR ? the number 4 in front of 4F ? Do you confirm the ZZ paint is RIVIERA silver green ? GM WA3501 ? I SAWN THAT the number 618 is for vinyl strato bench BLACK = optional trim ! thanks for the answers !! Philip
  19. This is really surprising I’m glad it’s normal!😀 thank for this information !
  20. Hello can you help me ? I don't need key in ignition lock to have efficient power windows, power BENCH;;; i just to connect the battery and it is efficient ! where is the problem please ? IT IS convenient but not very safe😁
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