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  1. In this day and age I do not think most know the difference of pop rivets. It is worth a try. Can always drill them out and rescrew.
  2. I purchased the LeeKooLuu LK3 with the 7" screen for $59.99, and the Drok 6V to 12V converter for$ 13.99
  3. Yes; this could be a good find, depending on the final price. My first car was 64 Electra at 16 in NY. Similar but white. I loved it. I am now in Fla. And have a California 64 with air and all the toys but it needs way to much work for my budget. This day and age we all need air. Hopefully finds a good home, It can last a lifetime. Just to Black for Fla. Enjoy ED
  4. This outfit Gateway Classic Cars , Has several warehouses "Showrooms" throughout the country. I have been to their Tampa Bay Florida location and the warehouse must of had at least 100 cars in the one building, and they had 3. Most are drivers, and overpriced indeed. They do a great job in the photo shoots, and in reality the cars in most cases do not even come close to the photo-shopped photos in the ads. Most of the cars have been in the warehouse for years. None I looked at, started even with a jump box. Old batteries and old gas galore. No climate control in Florida. The gent I chatted with was honest and he has never sold a car from there. He also works elsewhere. I was a serious cash buyer, that I brought with me and showed him, I was serious about 6 different Buicks. There where no negotiations. It is amazing that all these folks think old cars are valued at $25 grand. My 37 special I bought on e-bay was listed just under a year with a $13,000 asking price, and $10,000 reserve. I finally convinced the seller to sell for the opening of $5200. Good Luck on your search. It took me years. Thanks ED
  5. I had a 1989 Riviera and I had an asst amount of extra parts. Is there anyone in this group that may be interested in them. I have taillights, trunk spare tire cover, some lower body panels some of the woodgrain interior pieces and the 4 aluminum cast wheels. And much more. I can be reached at 941-228-2925 after 12 noon or at ed34207@yahoo.com . I then can explain in more detail the parts I have. I don't want a fortune as these are driver quality parts. I am in Florida. Hopefully I can find a new home for these items. Thank You all ED. I can send pics as needed.
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