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  1. Looking for this hood ornament in any condition. Can anyone help please? Carl
  2. Is the 1937 248 block interchangeable with earlier or later 248 engines? I may need a new block for my 1937 - pending an oil analysis to determine if it has cracked again. It was once welded, but I suspect a new crack. Can I use a block from other years. The rest of my engine is in excellent shape. The car has less than 50 miles on it since a major $15K overhaul in 2019. It is practically new inside. Thanks.
  3. Hi Peter. I would be very happy for any help. I just bought this Buick, and I have no manuals or books on it.......yet. If it would not be too much to ask, I'd appreciate if you can look up the differences for me. Right now, the 1938 distributor is the only one I can find. I suppose the one on the car canoe rebuilt. Carl
  4. I may be in need of a new distributor for my 1937 Buick Series 40. Is this interchangeable with 1938? Bob's only have for 1938-48, my question is if this will also fit my 1937? Does anyone have a source for a 1937 distributor or interchangeable distributors? Thanks. Carl
  5. This 1970 Lincoln Continental served as the King of Norway's official car at his residence in Bergen, Norway from 1970 until 2011 (the Humber Pullman behind was in service from 1951 - 1970). It was donated to our club (bvkn.no) after leaving service (we own the Humber too. Both are on display at the local Technical Museum - when not driven for special occasions). This low mileage car is in overall excellent condition, but there are some minor issues that needs tending to. Some of the trim on the right side needs replacement. The black plastic inserts missing on rear quarter and rear door. The trim piece in front of the wheel arch left front is damaged. Also need a new light switch and a parts catalog. Any leads to NOS or used parts will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. This Buick appears for sale on many sites that seems as scams set up to skim a buck from sales (davesclassiccars etc.), but none have links to the actual seller (or phone numbers for that matter). Does anyone here know this car, if it is really for sale and if so, who the seller is? Thanks.
  7. I read once that 1689 1937 Special Convertible Phaeton Model 40C were made - of which 256 were export models (km/h etc). Does anyone have production number breakdowns for this car? I wonder if the right hand drive (RHD) cars are included in the 256, and how many RHD were made? Thanks.
  8. At the Hershey Fall Meet in 2019 I spotted the Fiat below. I have never been able to get it out of my head. Does anyone know this car, who offered it for sale or even the number of this spot? I think the guys who had the spot had brought it along to help a widow get rid of it. Any hints or tips will be greatly appreciated!
  9. Thanks. I've since learned that the part number is 869323. So part #869323 is what I'm searching for. Carl
  10. I need the tube assembly, part # 23-58-299. Also interested in complete setups; motor, screw and tube. Carl
  11. WTB 1948 Chrysler New Yorker tube assembly (part # 23-58-299). Need one tube, but interested in complete motor assembly.
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