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  1. I read once that 1689 1937 Special Convertible Phaeton Model 40C were made - of which 256 were export models (km/h etc). Does anyone have production number breakdowns for this car? I wonder if the right hand drive (RHD) cars are included in the 256, and how many RHD were made? Thanks.
  2. At the Hershey Fall Meet in 2019 I spotted the Fiat below. I have never been able to get it out of my head. Does anyone know this car, who offered it for sale or even the number of this spot? I think the guys who had the spot had brought it along to help a widow get rid of it. Any hints or tips will be greatly appreciated!
  3. Thanks. I've since learned that the part number is 869323. So part #869323 is what I'm searching for. Carl
  4. I need the tube assembly, part # 23-58-299. Also interested in complete setups; motor, screw and tube. Carl
  5. WTB 1948 Chrysler New Yorker tube assembly (part # 23-58-299). Need one tube, but interested in complete motor assembly.
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