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  1. Yup. I have joined the club. Sadly, not many of these cars around, so not much info out about them. It took me months to find someone that could get me a tracing of their windshield for me.
  2. Just some updated pictures for you, from some shows we went to, last year. I redid the Wheels and sealed them well. We finally got a windshield cut and I installed it in October. It rolls up and down as it should. But fell off the "pins" of the regulator. I need to figure that out. So excited.
  3. Do you have any pics and details on the Carb? Trying to see if it is similar to what should be on my 28 Plymouth Model Q..
  4. Carbking, Thank you for your help, so cut off the old washer on the bottom and then install a new one and peen the shaft over? Great. Thank you for your help. So do I keep this carb or go with a new carb? If a new carb, which would You suggest going for the 1928 Plymouth? Thanks, Derek
  5. Hey all, I've been working on my 1928 Plymouth Model Q and it has this Tillotson JR-1 carb on it. I know it isn't the original, but was planning on keeping it, unless I can't get it to run right with it. I've been able to get it running, but have to feather the pedal to keep it running. Anyhow.. I took the carb off, to tear it down and clean it. When I got the car I was told it was just rebuilt. Well, that isn't quite accurate. I got into it and it was way dirty. So, been cleaning it and disassembling it and found the Accelerator Pump is in ROUGH shape. See attached Pics. Anyone know where I can source a new one or what I could effectively replace the "sealing surface" with? All the rebuild kits I find for these carbs don't have anything to replace or fix the Accelerator Pump. Any help would be appreciated..
  6. Hey, I know mine is different, but did you ever get info on what is suppose to mount to this? I have a 1928 Model Q Coupe that has one side of this tied to the lever on the steering wheel and the other side of it is open. I've been told it is suppose to be the "low Idle" but don't know how it is suppose to connect.. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Derek
  7. Thanks for the info, DFeeney. I had heard the vacuum tank had been replaced, by someone else, but didn't know about the carb. This carb was recently rebuilt, by the PO, who said even after the rebuild, he couldn't get it to run other than at high idle. My dad has tried to start it and it turns freely and there is spark, although he commented it was "weak", but he said it wouldn't even start on Ether. I'm a bit worried we are going to be into this car a lot more than he wanted to be.
  8. Thanks. That looks like what we have.. but that cranking system is uninstalled and in the trunk.
  9. Awesome info, Keith. Thank you. I'm sure we'll have a blast working on it. Need a new windshield too. Looks like there is a peice of wood that cranks to adjust the windshield. An interesting idea. Thank you again.
  10. Good evening gentlemen and ladies, My dad just bought a 1928 Plymouth Model Q Coupe. It appears to be mostly original and that is how we plan on keeping it. The PO said he had it running, after rebuilding th carb, but it would only high idle. We just picked it up yesterday and so, we still have a lot to dive into and learn. Any pointers ect would be appreciated. We are both new to this era, orignal cars. Dad had a Model A, but it wasnt original.
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