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  1. WTB: 1928 Chrysler Type 72 Roadster Drivers Side Door Latch and 2 hinge sets. I have this car and am parting it out. Tex49
  2. I am looking for pics of 1928 Chrysler Type 72 Roadster door and mounting area showing wood and metal. I am missing how the wood on the door, door jam and door hinge mounts the the rest of the body. So, if you have pictures of the roadster door without the door card and the inside body without the skins but with the wooden and metal parts together I would greatly appriciate it. Tex
  3. Thid id the only pic I have and it is in the shadows. I'll see if I can get a better one. Tex
  4. Those parts are available. I want to make sure you are aware the the engine is frozen. Also. I am not sure we can pull apart the engine and transmission. How much are you willing to pay for each? You will need to arrange shipment. John
  5. 1928 Chrysler Type 72 Roadster Parting out. No body parts available. Parts Available include: Complete frame Frame cover Steering wheel Steering Box Steering column Steering mount Steering Front fenders with mounting brackets (5 out of 10) Rear fenders with mounting brackets (6 out of 10) Running boards (2 out of 10) Carburetor Starter Stewart Vacuum fuel system Red Head 6 cylinder Motor (frozen) Transmission (? out of 10) Brake hydraulics Gas tank Wire wheels Brakes Suspension Drive shaft Everything is rusty, but only a few holes. Let me know ab
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