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  1. Yes ! Excuse me with the google translator it's not easy !!!!
  2. Hello, is the swamp cooler sold? James
  3. Hello , I have an Oldsmoblie from 1948 and I would like to put a Thermador, Firestone or other brand style air conditioning. Excuse me, I am writing with a translator because I am French ;-). Thanks to you James
  4. Hello , I'm looking for a Thermador, Firestone or other air conditioner to celebrate your offers. Thanks to you James
  5. Hello TTR yes here in France we have a lot of fuel taxes. So imagine when you have to put 80 liters to go out with friends .... my 1948 Oldsmobile with the 8-cylinder in-line consumes 20 liters per 100 km.TTR what are you restoring?
  6. Hello everyone I am French I live in Toulouse in the south not very far from Spain here is my Oldsmobile Dynamic luxury sedan from 1948. My friend's Buick 1950 41d. James
  7. Hello everyone here in France the liter is 1.50€ . James
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