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  1. I would like to replace the carpet for 37 Century, older restoration. I can't seem to find any company that has carpet kit for my car. Anybody know of any kits available and what is the preferred type of carpet. Thanks, Bob
  2. Bob's in California will rebuild for $180, I'm in same boat. Just bought 1937 Buick Century and temp, gas , and Speedo didn't work, Got speedo to work by cleaning cable going into gauge and a little grease
  3. Yes I did, but ended up buying form Hagan a reproduction and should work fine.
  4. I just purchased this car and where at top of 8" rod that go from around leaf springs there is a knuckle that is 1" long with a hole diameter of 5/8" where male part from shock link goes through. I can't find the rubber bushing that goes in the knuckle. Help if you can thanks, Bob