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  1. Thanks Matthew, I already contacted Dave. He'll get back to me on the floor plate as well as the 2 spare tire wheel covers I'm looking for. Thanks again, Jakes By the way, my Club membership application is in the mail.
  2. Hi everyone, another part that I am looking for is the brake/clutch floor cover plate. The vehicle that needs this part is a 1937 Buick coupe 37-46. Thanks, Jakes
  3. Thanks for that info, mine's is a series 40. I prefer to purchase the correct covers. Therefore the search for the covers will continue. Sorry MrEarl, thanks but I am going to have to pass on your offer. Hope you understand.
  4. Beautiful car Marty, looks like the covers are the same that MrEarl has. Thanks again, Jakes
  5. MCHinson, on second thought, I think your right, I'll install the gutters. Also, I just printed off the membership application, and will drop it this the mail soon. Thanks again,
  6. MrEarl, I think the covers are what I am looking for. Do you know what's the difference between 36 and 37, and if the Coupe covers are the same as the Roadmaster's? Both are 16". Asking price and shipping cost to 48001 (Michigan)? Thanks, Jakes MCHinson, thanks for the info regarding Dave Tacheny. I'll contact him, as I'm hearing his name come up a lot as a good source for Pre War Buick parts.
  7. Thank you very much for your reply and the 1937 restoration process by Gary W. I certainly will use this as a guide to my restoration. I know now why I do not see these rain gutters in images on line. Think I'll leave them off. Thanks again for all of your help, Jakes
  8. Thanks for the information regarding the rain gutters, I'll check it out tomorrow. As far as my other question goes, it's not the garnish molding I am referring. What I was referring to is what would go in the space between the door glass (when rolled up) and the outside door panel. And same on the other side of the glass to garnish molding. Is it a plain w/strip with or without chrome edging, or maybe a cat whisker? Hope this explains it better. These are the piece I would like to purchase separately, not in a set, as I have all the other door w/strips. Thanke, Jakes
  9. Thanks for the information Pete. I'll contact Trenton. Thanks again for the quick response. Jakes
  10. Hope you can help me. I am looking for two fender spare tire covers. I do have the surround sections, the inside covers (4), and the top trims. All that I am looking for is the outer covers. I do realize that a person made not want to sell the parts individually but, there maybe other that just have the outer covers. If the price is right, I could go either way. Thanks, Jakes
  11. I am in the process of restoring a 1937 Buick series 40 Opera Coupe. I purchased the vehicle from an estate sale. Currently I am reinstalling the door hardware and have door rain gutters to install. I tried researching how to install them, but, I cannot find any information. I only recently identified them through a sale listing; otherwise, I had no idea what to call them. Please take a look at the attached photos and help me out. Another question I have is: are there any inner and outer belt line door w/strips? If so, where could I purchase just these w/strips without buying a whole 6,8,10, piece set? Thanks, Jakes
  12. Bob, what I ended up doing was purchasing a water temp gauge for a 1951 GMC truck for $68.00, and interchanging the face plate with my defective water gauge. The unit I purchased was new and did not include the continious spiral wire protector. It did, however, include a short protective covering in areas where a bend was required. Suggestion to anyone else that goes this route, be sure to purchase a water temp gauge that has the correct length of tubing. Gauges come in different tube lengths. Thanks for the response.
  13. In reading the forums regarding Bob Jones, who is reproducing stainless steel grills for the 1937 Buick, I have not been successful in contacting him. If anyone knows if Mr. Jones is still reproducing theses grills, or know how I could obtain a pair of the grills, please respond to this forum. Thank you in advance, John
  14. Thanks Carl, I'm just starting this project and have a lot of time before this gauge is needed. I really do appreciate your replying to this topic, and am sorry to hear that I wouldn't be able to purchase the gauge from you. I'll keep in mind your recommendation to contact Dave. Thanks again, John